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  1. Thanks for your response - sure we need to vote! Where can this be done? I filed a ticket to ask for attention.
  2. Drag and Drop of PDFs form Evernote to emails / explorer is not working as it should (307690) Prerelease (CE Build ce-53.0.6285) With hope I upgrade to 6.15.1 and still the intuitive way of moving a file from EN windows to other applications is not working. I am aware that changing the view to 'view as attachment' does the trick but is not intuitive needs a lot of extra clicks (and breaks work-flows). The issue is noted by many users. I don't understand why EN refuses to listen to its (paying) users??
  3. Yes the good old days. I tested EN 6.14.3 for PDF handling. It shows that DnD only works if the PDF is viewed as attachment (in windows right click the PDF and select attachment). I found that in this version in the view mode it is now possible to right click and copy the PDF and past it to outlook or explorer. It starts working, however the nice intuitive DnD as in the good old days is still missing. I keep EN reminding as well as hoping that DnD should be made as intuitive as it was in the good old days.
  4. Thanks very much for the heads-up. I keep good hopes for a solution soon!
  5. Drag and Drop of PDFs form Evernote to emails / explorer A work around could have been to able to right click an PDF in order to copy it and than to past it back to where it is needed. Also this functionality is not available for PDFs. This is making it even worse EN please resolve this as soon as possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. As of today I am forced (they blocked the syncing of EN6.7) to upgrade to 6.13.14 and still the drag and drop of PDF files doesn't work. This is a critical missing feature since drag and dropping PDFs is central in our workflow (and used based on access to the correct files using the great search functionality in EN in 3600 notes). The absence breaks many work flows and makes EN a programme that is going backwards in development. EVERNOTE must repair this. This is very annoying.
  7. Hi, thank you very much for your reply and advice. We are now stuck at version 6.7.5 (we didn't upgrade any more) given the disappearance of the drag and drop functionality. It rather unfortunate that as a paying (2 accounts) user we are not able to make use of the current improvements of EN and being left in the dark. I have not enough time to follow all release threads, and I expect that EN should not change critical key functionality (not being able to drag and drop is a time machine back to the early days of DOS software). Kind Regards, Louk
  8. The drag and drop function of Evernote is in version (307027) Public (CE Build ce-43.0.4829) still not repaired or re-added. This is a critical missing feature since drag and dropping PDFs is central in our workflow (and used based on access to the correct files using the great search functionality in EN in 3600 notes). I don't see the advantage of the new PDF viewer: it is less intuitive user interface and more load on the user because of the back frame (changing per note). Therefore a repeated requests to restore this functionality. Updating to newer builds are not possible do this critical change.
  9. As said before, missing the drag and drop feature will eventually make EN obsolete !!!!!! Please repair!
  10. Can drag and drop PDF since the update to Google PDF viewer. This is really a set back. We will not updute the client until evernote provides a solution. It is a cricital showstopper. When will this be repaired?????
  11. Someone suggested in EN to select "show as attachment" by right clicking the PDF and next drag and drop the document. EN will in that case save a link to the email or directory and not the document. EN loses the safety of local copies of documents. EN brings us back to old days in which it was necessary to make local copies by hand if a local copy was needed. The beauty of EN was (past tense) to make this no longer necessary. This is has to be remedied.
  12. Missing the availability to drag and drop PDFs is really a critical showstopper. I use the drag and drop functionality very frequent. If this is not repared I need to consider to move away from Evernote.
  13. I endorse the feature request, we are working in three companies and therefore need to easily switch between 4 accounts (three companies and one personal). The feature worked in the windows client 5, but disappeared in the windows client 6. Why? Please bring it back!!
  14. I am using three evernote accounts. In the add user button only two accounts are being stored. This is in EN (windows). The three accounts are part of my daily workflow. Please review and allow to store in the user switch more than two accounts.
  15. The evernote client on Windows 8.1 version is also not longer syncing. The same situation as described in the earlier posts. The same client on windows 7 as well as the android app are working fine in my account. What to do, is this escaleted to Evernote??
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