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  1. Found the answer from redmond0 on this thread: -julia
  2. Thanks for this suggestion. I'm on Windows 10 and tried to add the reminder icon to my toolbar but I'm afraid that doing it might be too easy and I'm overcomplicating it! I tried dragging it to the application level toolbar, but it doesn't appear in the box of available tools. I can add a separator, the usage icon (cool!) but there's no Reminder icon. I tried adding it to the note header, the reminder icon appears in the box of available tools, but I can't find a spot on the note that will allow me to drop it. It might be right in front of me, but I'd appreciate any thoughts yo
  3. My work around for this is to set-up a Google calendar dedicated to recurring bills and other finance-related dates (like taxes, insurance open enrollment, etc.). It displays beautifully on my phone (iPhone and Android). I experimented with saving (printing) the Agenda-style calendar as a Google Drive file and connecting it to Evernote and adding a never-ending Evernote reminder. I also tried saving the calendar as a .pdf and bringing it into Evernote, again with a never-ending EN reminder. This approach has the benefits of being accessible while offline and being able to see the details witho
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