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  1. Found the answer from redmond0 on this thread: -julia
  2. Thanks for this suggestion. I'm on Windows 10 and tried to add the reminder icon to my toolbar but I'm afraid that doing it might be too easy and I'm overcomplicating it! I tried dragging it to the application level toolbar, but it doesn't appear in the box of available tools. I can add a separator, the usage icon (cool!) but there's no Reminder icon. I tried adding it to the note header, the reminder icon appears in the box of available tools, but I can't find a spot on the note that will allow me to drop it. It might be right in front of me, but I'd appreciate any thoughts you can offer. -julia
  3. My work around for this is to set-up a Google calendar dedicated to recurring bills and other finance-related dates (like taxes, insurance open enrollment, etc.). It displays beautifully on my phone (iPhone and Android). I experimented with saving (printing) the Agenda-style calendar as a Google Drive file and connecting it to Evernote and adding a never-ending Evernote reminder. I also tried saving the calendar as a .pdf and bringing it into Evernote, again with a never-ending EN reminder. This approach has the benefits of being accessible while offline and being able to see the details without having to open from Google Drive. Both approaches that I tested work, both are kind of clunky and neither has much value added over the calendar without EN involvement. In the end, that's my bill reminder system. Good luck in your quest! -julia
  4. Content posted at http://evernote.com/business/ suggests EN is aiming for acceptance as a business solution, at least in my mind. I zip files, encrypted with a password - that works great for me, but it's only good for files created with other applications. The option to restrict access at the note or notebook level would be a great enhancement. -julia
  5. Ditto your pain. I came to my current arrangement after getting hopelessly lost in too many stacks and notebooks. I have 2 notebooks, 0 stacks and oodles of tags. "Inbox" is for clippings, notes emailed in. "Reference" is everything else. I don't have any notebooks that I share with others, if I did, I'd create a new notebook. Works for me and mirrors the way I use GTD filing structures for paper, email inbox and computer files. Ditto gazumped's advice re: search grammar. Ditto jefito's advice re: your comfort. Ditto Analyst444's advice re: 90%. Good luck!
  6. Evidently, my issue was very unique, though very problematic. My experience taught me (and challenged me) to stay with it, remaining persistent and insistent without losing my religion. Keeping chatter going on these forums, along with escalating to public comments (no poison pills) posted to Facebook, seemed to bring me to a result that was satisfactory. Deedee - as you and others have said, the response to the basics is fairly available. It's when you have a real problem, that needs real troubleshooting that reveals EN weakness. I love 'em, but I'm concerned about the viability of a long-lived enterprise EN product with the current support model. -julia
  7. "edit in Word and copy to EN" = great suggestion and works for me! Thanks, -julia
  8. I need to add columns to a table routinely. I'm using Windows EN. In the table, I right mouse click and see an option to add the column to the right or to the left. Neither works. Has anyone found a way to do this? Appreciate your thoughts... -julia
  9. Update and the end of the story.... Per EN Support ... "We've found the cause of this issue." My notes had gotten "separated" from their attachments and "became buried in our server". EN was able to locate the attachments so no data was lost. I was told "This is not something you did, but it was a bug in a prior version of our software that you had installed at once time on one (or both) of your machines, which we have since corrected and no longer exists. More information on this bug is here: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/27111-lost-attached-files/" Because I have duplicates of the original attachments, I was advised that it will be much easier to upload them again to my notes than to try to reattach them from their location on the EN servers. That's fine with me. It gives me the assurance that if it was truly the only copy I could hope to access, there's hope. I also received sincere apologies, additional storage space to accommodate to reuploads and the promise of a partial credit against my annual renewal fee. Thanks again to everyone for their comments, input, escalation efforts and willingness to help me. I'm glad to have found the forums - there's a great resource here. Happy ending to my tale! -julia
  10. Update! EV CS requested and received a copy of my log files! Fingers crossed they'll be able to interpret them enough to let me know how to avoid this problem in the future.
  11. What a great thread! Thank-you, Heather! Looks like you're still living aboard - 5 years? Apart from MBEA (My Big Evernote Adventure) over the last 2 weeks, I'm trying to decide how to maintain the safety net for those documents that absolutely cannot be lost due to technical or maritime disasters. What's your solution? -julia
  12. Yea, BurgersNFries, I saw Heather's note. On Day 2, the support technician (Ian) said: "The PDF you provided us appears to open fine on our end. Have you attempted saving the PDFs to your computer, confirm they open locally, and then re-add them to Evernote to see if this corrects the issues you are experiencing?" That pretty much confirms the issue that I am having. Like I said, I seem to have been hit by a perfect storm of circumstances. His suggestion to re-add the attachments to Evernote supports my practice of keeping a copy in Dropbox or some other accessible location. I probably should have just made note (no pun intended) and carried on. Thank-you for following my sad tale. No one said going paperless was going to be easy! Evernote is still looks like it will be helpful - I just have to factor in the reliability issue. My husband and I moved onto our boat in February and sold the house (where I stored a lifetime of paper files) in July. -julia
  13. Good point - my perfect storm has included a holiday weekend. And, you're right, BurgersNFries, I always receive a reply within 1 business day. I'm disappointed that seems to be the maximum number of times I'll hear from them and that the responses are not more efficient. Like, when a user reports problems with .pdf attachments, couldn't the first response include "do you have a .pdf reader", "can you open the file locally" and "could you send a copy of the .pdf for testing on our server" be asked all at once? It took 10 days for them to ask me to set up a test notebook and grant them access! It's been a good lesson. -julia
  14. As of today, it's been 2 weeks since I opened my support request and 4 days since I heard from anyone at Evernote. From the feedback I've gotten so far, most everyone's experience with EN CS is positive. Looks like I've been hit with a perfect storm - a rare bug and a problem with the Support System vendor. No apologies from Evernote, but I guess they've satisfied their SLA, so it's really not their problem. When I created the problem notes, I also stored copies of the attachments to Dropbox and they're still readable, so this doesn't create a disaster for me. It does teach me that I'll need to have accessible duplicates of anything I attach to notes. Very disappointed.
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