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  1. Sorry, but you do not in fact know what I did with my phone. All of your comments are based on the idea that I did something with the note on my phone, which I did not. If the server copy is supposed to be "the one", then that should be checked & downloaded FIRST, when launching the app. That did not happen here. If it's not a bug, then it's extremely poor design.
  2. Your suppositions do not trump my reality. Thanks for your input, though.
  3. Wrong, this IS a bug. The note WAS sync'd, numerous times during our meeting. I came out of the meeting with my iPad, and pulled up the notes on my Mac. This is a daily routine for me. Walked to another office with my iPhone to pull up the notes; when I did, I saw the old version of my Meeting Notes document, from several weeks (if not MONTHS) before. Kept waiting for it to update but it never did - then I went back to my Mac & saw that the new note was gone, replaced by the (very) old one. Grabbed my iPad, saw today's notes, sync'd it - bam, notes gone. I agree, the one on the server SHOULD be the one to reference. This did not happen with my iPhone - instead it uploaded a very old note & overwrote everything I had - it didn't even place anything in Conflicting Changes, which I would have expecting having the same note open on more than one device.
  4. Just got bitten by this bug too - pulled up Evernote on my iPhone for the first time in months (I usually use my iPad & Mac), and all my work-related notes for today immediately get overwritten by a very old, out-of-date set of notes. This really sucks. I really like the app, but this is a HUGE bug.
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