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  1. I am using Version 5.0.5 (400805) at home and at work. At home, I have a fancy new menubar new note menu thing, that I really love. At work, on the same version, there is no such feature. How do I get this on my work install?
  2. Thanks, I'll check those out. I run an 11" MBA, and it's a few years old now, so Evernote is a bit big to keep running. My computer has troubles just playing films half the time. Heh. Some sort of quick entry in the task bar thing would be super handy.
  3. I use three versions of Evernote: * Desktop (OS X) * Mobile (iOS) * Web They are all great. But they are all too slow for me when I want to take a very quick note. Sometimes, I'll have a flash of inspiration, and I just want to hit a key combo, write it down, and get back to what I was doing. I don't want to have to open an app, wait for it to start up, sync, click a "New Note" button, and then wait for that window to open, and then to type, and then to close the application again. (I know that doesn't sound like much, but it's enough to make the process feel slow and clunky when I am in a rush, and just want to dump something into Evernote and get on with what I was doing.) (It doesn't help that I am still on an iPhone 4. The whole phone is quite slow. Waiting for Evernote to open and sync it's changes — both before and after I have taken a note — takes a very long time.) I have found myself actually using the OS X Notes.app to take quick notes. I can hit CMD+SPACE, type "Notes", take a note, and then hit CMD+Q very fast. The only downside to this is that Notes.app is terrible for loosing notes! (Seriously!) And also, I end up with hundreds of notes in Notes.app, and my Evernote inbox is usually just web clips. Until I do a manual consolidation. So, what I would really like is some super simple way to just bung a note into Evernote as quickly as possible. Fire and forget. The web clipper is the perfect interface really, except obviously, it is focused on clipping from a web page. Imagine it with the option to just type some stuff, and click "Save" and be done with it, and not have it be anything to do with the current page. Or imagine if the OS X Evernote menu bar had an option to take a "Quick Entry Note" that just popped up a mini note taking window you could dismiss once you were done. Even better if that had a keyboard shortcut so I could do something like CMD+SHIFT+E to take a note. Is there anything like this already? I have looked, and I have found nothing.
  4. Using tags is an interesting hack, but it's still a hack. This is a poor solution, IMO. Not many people will think to use tags this way. It will make rating notes unnecessarily burdensome. Notes cannot be sorted by the star rating, either. There are three ways to approach this, I think: > A single star option, like Gmail. This would work well for simple favourites. > A 5 star system, like Netflix. This would work well for ranking notes. Say you had clipped a bunch of howtos or tips. Then you could rank them based on how good they were. Or say you were collecting ideas for a new book, or something. You could rank them based on how interesting they were. > A point or voting system, like StackOverflow. This one is the most interesting to me. But it would have to be slightly different than a regular voting system, that only allows one vote per person. Because Evernote core is a single user system. (Shared notebooks aside.) The way I would want this to work is that I could come back multiple times and vote up or down on a note. Over time, my votes accumulate. What's the use case? Well. I change my mind a lot. One day an idea might seem completely stupid to me. But the next weekend, it might seem brilliant. I don't trust my snap judgment from day to day. But I do trust my aggregate judgment over time. What I'd like to be able to do is zip through a notebook and just YES / NO (or +1 / -1) the notes really fast. Without worrying that a -1 vote is going to forever push something to the bottom of the pile. Then I would like to come back a few weeks later and do the same. And so on. Over time, really good notes might end up as +20, and really bad notes might end up as -30. Man, I would FREAKIN LOVE this system. I take SO many notes. Many thousands. And just like when I used to be into photography, actually sorting through the tremendous volume I produce is very intimidating. Being able to run through a few times, and take the average of my opinions to work out which are my best notes (shots) was always something I was wishing for.
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