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  1. If the question bothered you in any way because you felt it was something I could have looked up on my own, you could have just ignored it all together without being obnoxious about it.
  2. This hasn't been fixed yet? Just add an option to disable it.
  3. Are you using any sort of algorithm to scan through the context of my notes?
  4. Taken me a while to get back to this but .... your answer, this ... thank you. Much better view. You must make this more public knowledge. I even subscribed to Premium just a few minutes ago (Not so much this feature, I'd have stayed with the free version. But I want the pinlock on the IOS device. But without this, I just didn't like using Evernote, so I never used it)
  5. This is a simple feature addition, and removes a major UI annoyance for me that I just can't stand. In the snippits view, I just want to see the title of the pages in the middle pane, and not the 2-3 lines of the page content. Why would I need to see a snippit of the content on the page, when I have a title to remind me of what that content is? That's what the title is for. "Meeting Agenda Aug 24" is simple enough. I don't need to see "1. Call to order 2. Minutes Approval" The title is sufficient for me to know what is going to be on the page. If the title isn't sufficient, then I need to write better titles. I just want a list of pages in the center pane that I can easily click to. The center pane could contain 4x as many page titles if they do away with the 3 lines of snippits. Yes, I know there is a "list" view, but then it moves the list to the top of the left, and the actual pages into a bottom pane, which is pretty much just as bad. I Also, in the web-version I cannot resize the leftmost pane in snippits view. However, since I can in the desktop client, I'm fine with this. Just please please please provide an option to just list the page titles alone, and omit the 2-3 lines of the content. Till then, I'll continue to use one note and just deal with that
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