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  1. Just another GTD/Secret Weapon user who cringes when I see the side-by-side view. Please give us back the stacked view!
  2. I really like the new tag filter in Evernote 5: I love how it only shows the tags that are present in the current selection of notes. It really helps drilling through my tasks! However, I feel like it is screaming out for some improvements: 1 - The selected filter should not disappear when I move to another notebook 2 - The tag filter feature should not disappear when I enter a search - it should still be present and only show tags that are in the filtered notes 3 - I need a better view of the tags I've already selected. In this example, I can only see two, but there are more and deleting them is a pain. 4 - I would like to the the nested hierarchy of the tags, even if the parent tags are not present in the selected notes (perhaps those tags could be greyed-out). 5 - It would be nice if I could easily select more than one tag at time. Right now, if I select a tag, the list of tags disappear and if I want to add another tag to the filter, I have to open up the list again. These changes would make a drastic improvement to product. Please help me out!
  3. That would work for me, except that the tag icon dropdown to the right does not order tags hierarchically.
  4. Right, but I want to do it with the point-and-click interface. One of my favorite features of the new 5.0 interface is that when I select a tag, it shows me all the notes that have that tag but it also shows me all of the other tags that are on those selected notes. This allows me to drill into finer and finer detail in a really nice way. Unfortunately, whenever I want to also add a notebook filter, the tag filter gets reset.
  5. My projects are organized by tags and their status is organized by notebook. So when I want to have a view of all of my projects, I can just go to the list of tags. If I want to look at the notes associated with a particular tag, I can click on the "Show Notes" button: However, this shows all notes in all notebooks: . No problem, I think, I can just select the notebook I want from the dropdown "All Notes". Unfortunately, this removes the tags I've selected! Is this really the intended behavior? Is there any way to click on a tag and only show the notes within a particular notebook? Thanks, Sterling
  6. I second this request. I would love to be able to have multiple search windows open. Often, I've got a search up and am scanning through it and see a note that I know is related to another note and I want to see what's in that other note. But in order to do that, I need to do another search to find that note and then I've lost the original note. Another search window would really help
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