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  1. Hey all! I also really want a Dark Theme for the Windows desktop app. The black light of my monitor is a big problem when I'm up late and it will keep me awake unless I use a dark theme. Please extend themes to the Windows app! However, I've found a good workaround through the Chrome browser (can't use Evernote desktop app shortcuts :C): [post=https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/high-contrast/djcfdncoelnlbldjfhinnjlhdjlikmph]High Contrast Chrome extension - and - A dark theme. (F.lux and PangoBright do the rest of the work!) Hope this helps!
  2. Merhaba Tolga (Turk musunuz?), I agree that your situation perfectly exemplifies a situation where a shared tagging system is needed. I also desperately wish for styles in the native client. Thank you for the KustomNote link, Blake! I'll check it out Pyrgus, try out the notebook stack that Blake mentioned! Bee's knees, for sure! Oh, and sorry for reviving an old thread, but I wanted to throw my hat in the shared tagging system request! I understand from what you said, Blake, that there is a limitation in the system that makes it difficult to implement shared tags. If you don't mind my asking, what is that limitation? I ask because I very much want shared tags and understanding the challenges y'all face will (1) help me appreciate the hard y'all do and (2) help me simmer down!
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