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  1. I'm running IE9 (NOT the 64 bit version) but my evernote web clipper has disappeared. When I go to 'manage add-ons' it says 'Add to Evernote 4' is enabled, but 'not available'. I've tried uninstalling Evernote completely and reinstalling it, but the problem remains. It's really irritating. If I ask for more info it gives me:

    Name: Add to Evernote 4

    Publisher: Not Available

    Type: Browser Extension

    Version: Not available

    File date:

    Date last accessed: ‎30 ‎August ‎2012, ‏‎11:11

    Class ID: {A95FE080-8F5D-11D2-A20B-00AA003C157A}

    Use count: 1

    Block count: 0

    File: Not available

    Folder: Not available

    Any ideas?

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