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  1. I use Evernote simultaneously on a Mac and Win10 system. I have two accounts 1 for work, 1 for personal (premium). I've been using Evernote since v1. I recall years ago that the tabs feature can't be implemented on Windows because of a limitation in the windowing system, similar to why Finder on the Mac can have multiple tabs (which I use), and File Explorer on Windows can not. I believe when Evernote went to a common code base (a good idea) they had to settle for a common denominator between both platforms (NO TABS). This is where we are. I NEVER USE EVERNOTE WITH ONE WINDOW. I ALWAYS USE EVERNOTE WITH MULTIPLE TABS. I also use Microsoft OneNote and at least you can launch multiple instances of OneNote. Not as elegant as multiple tabs, but it will do. I love Evernote, but this is a huge mistake they have made.
  2. Tabs and Multiple Windows. I uses two monitors with multiple OS X "Spaces". I would have different themes in each. This functionality is gone. A serious loss. I really need it back. I NEVER JUST USE ONE WINDOW with evernote.
  3. I have a Mac desktop, Windows desktop, Mac Laptop, etc. I've updated the Mac Desktop, and Windows Desktop. Just found out about the Electron App thing. I turned off my network on the Mac Desktop, and the contents of my notes disappeared! I am concerned about updating my Mac laptop.I am usually NOT on network when using my laptop. What will happen? ---- Also The New Window command is missing on the Mac. This was great you could run two or more "windows" of Evernote, very helpful when using Max OS X spaces.
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