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  1. I am not sure this is the case (since print to PDF is a core OSX function that still works fine in other APPs). I was willing to try this, but every link I can find on the Evernote page goes to the app store. Since It has been a couple weeks and no one from Evernote has replied, I am beginning to wonder if they plan on addressing this issue.
  2. Hello, I am using MAc App Store Version 3.3.0 (300201). The Save PDF to Evernote option from the print menu no longer works. The option is still there. When I use it, Evernote becomes the focused application. However, no PDF is saved in Evernote. I believe this only started happening with the most recent version. Since this is the most common way for me to use Evernote, the program is fairly useless without this capability (particularly since decent clipping from the web browser disappeared with Lion). Is this something you are aware of and have a planned fix for? Matt
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