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  1. Hi, I made a huge mistake this morning that, if not remedied, could be disastrous for me. Thinking that I was deleting a few notes, I deleted several stacks of nested tags. I paniced, I tried the undo option and that didn't work. I just unplugged my computer before evernote could sync because I have it set to sync at close and every 15 minutes and didn't know when the next sync might occur. I restarted the computer and booted into safe mode so evernote wouldnt start up automatically and sync. I wasn't sure what could be done at this point and the windows program uninstaller wasn't working so I went in to the two evernote directories I know of, the appdata folder and the program files folder, I made a backup of the appdata folder and I deleted all of the info from both. Now I am out of safe mode, all my info remains intact on the website and on my iphone. Will i be able to reinstall the program without the information being deleted? There were maybe a total of 125 tags deleted that are essential for me navigating my notes and it would take a tremendous amount of time I don't have to add them all again. Thank in advance for your help!
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