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  1. Yesterday I migrated my notes to OneNote and was surprised how far it has come along (shouldn't be surprised). I have no intention of moving off Windows - phone, tablet or other. It just makes sense when you work off a Windows laptop to use Windows phone. Also, I have Office365 so why not use OneNote. Integrates much better with other O365 apps that I use everyday. This Evernote decision has been a positive one after all. As for Evernotes response to my post being "irresponsible" (which has been removed) they should look at their own actions and customer communications. Yes you can still use the app....until...
  2. https://www.onenote.com/import-evernote-to-onenote OneNote import from Evernote tool?
  3. Serious segregation. Windows phone is the third most popular platform (second if you factor in iPhone and Android are on the same OS) and you can't be bothered developing it. What will become of Windows (desktop) development? As one of the many Windows Phone devotees I am disgusted at this poor decision. Going back to free account.
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