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  1. (I'm guessing that we can't do this with EN... feature request?)
  2. That is EXACTLY what I was trying to describe. It would allow amazing access to our EN databases.
  3. Thanks for the quick replies everyone - I use EN on Windows, Mac, iPhone and an Android tablet, I didn't specify which because I find it hard to specify a precise search on all of the platforms. I already use the advanced search syntax - it's decent, but clunky. I have some common searches saved, but there are many situations where a unique search is needed. I also have a lot of multi-word, descriptive tags that are a pain to write out, but that I can't think of a good way to simplify to help with searches. Here's a made up example: if I wanted to find something in a notebook called "Professional" tagged with "Health Impacts", "Oil & Gas" but without "correspondence" that was created between 2013-01-01 and 2013-03-31 and contained an image, that would be a pain to write out, but would be easy in a guided series of drop-down lists. Instead I go to the right notebook (easy) and try one or two tags (in my example, probably tag:"Health Impacts and -tag:correspondence) and scroll through whatever comes up... I'd sort by date and scroll down to where I expect to find my note... if it's one of 5-10 notes, no problem, but if there are 50+ notes then I would prefer to refine my search. I know EN has all of this information in its DB, but slicing & dicing the data is hard!
  4. Hello everyone - As my database grows into the many thousands of notes, I am having a harder time finding things. I am a reasonably dilligent tagger and have a small collection of key notebooks to help with high-level organization. I am well aware of the advanced search commands and use them often, but I really think that access to the advanced search features could be improved. Some sort of wizard would be amazing - I'm thinking of something similar to the interface that guides you through making a smartlist in iTunes or similar. Has this been discussed?
  5. Hmmm... Evernote isn't listed under privacy/contacts... nothing for me to turn off. I get consistent crashes when creating post-it notes and photo notes... My current workaround is to take photos with the built-in camera app and mail them to my EN account... sucks.
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