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  1. Hi all, I'm not sure if this has ever been posted or brought up, so here goes. I'm a teacher and I use Evernote with my 50 students. I have students create and share notebooks with me, and I link them onto my account on my Mac application. I found out today that I can only link a maximum of 100 shared notebooks. This is very frustrating, as I want to have 150 notebooks (3 subjects) shared with me. It is a huge hassle to have the notebooks bookmarked, or to keep the invites in my email to access them. Does anyone have any good ideas about how to get past this hassle? Is there any possibility that Evernote will extend these limits? The limit applies for both free and premium accounts. I love using this tool to go paperless in my classroom, but this is a difficult limit for me. Any help would be appreciated.
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