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  1. Thanks Gazumped. It's kind of an honor to get a response from someone who has helped me on my Evernote journey (I'm the frequent beneficiary -- indirectly -- of your participation in these discussions). That said, I have to agree with your assessment that "it wasn't Evernote's best moment." I stay out of the Evernote "tags vs notebooks" quarrels, but I do like my stacks and my nested tags and want to make sure that level of organization doesn't fall by the wayside. JB
  2. I was just switched over to the beta Web client and my entire (and extensive) tag hierarchy and my notebook stacks have been wiped out. Are others experiencing that too? I don't recall asking for Evernote to move me to a beta product which is less functional than the more-or-less stable version I was on. Yes -- I know I can switch to an older version, but is that why one pays for a premium subscription? It just gets curiouser and curiouser...
  3. OK, I generally don't peruse the user forums for a product until something breaks. I upgraded to Sierra last week, then just upgraded Evernote to 6.9.2, and then noticed that my ScanSnap S1500M wasn't sending multipage PDFs into Evernote correctly (deleting 11 of 12 pages, for example). So I came to the Evernote Support Site thinking it was a 6.9.2 issue. Does anybody have any suggestions for those of us who have already upgraded to Sierra? Fujitsu's site says they will have a patch on 10/17 for my scanner. Should I simply stop scanning (and opening PDFs it created) until then? I shudder to think about trying to roll back my OS... Thanks for any advice you all might offer. Jack
  4. I realize this is 9 months late, but I have used Zapier to do something like that. I created an "@Trello" notebook in Evernote, and every time I drag a new note (or create a new note) into that folder, my "Zap" creates a Trello card on the board and list that I specify.
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