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  1. Ah, I got it working by launching the older version of Evernote that was on the Time Machine backup, and installing the Container folders from that disc.
  2. I'm using Evernote 6.1.1 with OS X 10.11.1. I recently did an erase and install on my Macbook, and installed a fresh copy of Evernote, did a sync with the cloud, and have almost all of my data. Except I have one or two local only notebooks I forgot about. I have a Time Machine backup, and was able to find Evernote in the /User/Library/Containers folder. I tried putting that in the /User/Library/Containers folder on the new system, but didn't see the local folders. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. bump...really hope I don't lose that data
  4. Macbook Pro, OS X 10.9.1, Evenote 5.4.4 (402231). I have a local only notebook with note that contains encrypted text. Every time I click on "show encrypted text," Evernote freezes and I have to force quit. Other notes with encrypted text are working normally. Any suggestions?
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