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  1. If people are really worried about storing "encrypted" data in evernote and the government getting it. Then you have bigger problems and really shouldn't even be commenting in this forum. I just want to keep prying eyes off of my data, that's it nothing else. It's more of a "feel good" than anything else. I've been looking for something cross platform that I can use for journaling my life, family, friends, venting - getting things off my mind without others reading it because I left my machine unlocked & someone went snooping. While this would be rare, it could happen. This would give me peace of mind. I often spell things out as I see them, which, could upset someone if they read it. My thoughts are my thoughts - period... One of the only things I can control these days (I tend to ***** that up to) Looking forward to the update. Been a light user for several years, with the announcement of "secure data" I purchased for the year. Something I dont do very often. Cheers
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