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  1. True in theory. If only drag and drop would work so well between the two apps ...
  2. I often import images/screenshots from Apple Photos. Whether I use the Sharing to Evernote function in Photos (iOS) or Photos (Mac) – the photos always appear in a wild wrong order! So frustrating! I'm literally wasting hours of time in re-organizing the images in the right order in Evernote. Can this be fixed on Evernote's side? Anyone knows a better workaround than exporting to Finder and, from there, importing to Evernote?
  3. Yes I have. And I highly recommend everyone voting for it as well. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for this post and the many replies. I recently brought the same suggestion up to a member of Evernote support. He encouraged me to post my feature request in this forum – what a joke ... @ Evernote-Team: Would you please listen to some of your most faithful users?
  5. Good news: I was chatting with the fabulous EN Support team. This is going to be fixed.
  6. Thank you, @DTLow for confirming the same issue on your end. I've had this issue not only with the most current EN version on Mac. I've been experiencing it for a couple weeks. Links work fine on my end, both internal and external links.
  7. Hello EN friends, I'm confused ... I OCR all my PDFs when scanning them to Evernote (through ScanSnap). When I process the PDF in Evernote, I used to be able to go into the PDF and copy/paste text (because it's OCRed). This is very helpful e.g. when I want to edit the title of my note. But all of the sudden I am no longer able to do that within Evernote. I would have to open the PDF in Preview or Adobe Reader - only then I'm able to mark/copy text from my scanned document. Did I miss anything? I use the latest Evernote version on Mac (both Sierra and Yosemite).
  8. I really need this feature as well. Can't believe this request is so hard to make it happen. Please, EN, please respond.
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