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  1. Another vote (plea) for horizontal view. I've used Evernote since 2008 and have been a premium user since it was available. Vertical list view is a ridiculous waste of screen space on my laptop. For all other reasons articulated in this thread, please bring it back. I also have downgraded to 5.0.7 and will hold off on future upgrades until horizontal list view returns. -Jeff
  2. I too am looking for ways to get Evernote content into Dropbox. Use case: I use Evernote for (among other things) jotting ideas and snippets of writing into a "journal". I use Scrivener to write with. Scrivener will sync with Dropbox, but not Evernote. I would like when I open Scrivener to see my journal notes so I can craft them into 'real' writing...
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