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  1. This is really kind of bad right now. I don't mind if it is impossible to push changes from Evernote to Penultimate notes, but when I have to manually send over the new file every time I make a change to a Penultimate note so that I can view it in Evernote on my Macbook, that's bad. Because the same note (on the same topic) will now be duplicated every time I update it! I then have to manually erase the old outdated Evernote notes, not to mention all the wasted bandwidth of sending around the entire document. What needs to happen is a change to a Penultimate note should simply update the corresponding Evernote one. The Dropbox integration of Penultimate works so fast and flawlessly for backing up the .pen files. It looks like I will need to find a way to open these directly on my Macbook somehow because the other provisions for sync don't do anything friendly.
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