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  1. I didn't know about Ctrl-Q. This helps quite a bit. Thanks! I would still prefer an option to have it the other way: by default it searches all notes and perhaps use Ctrl-Q to search the current notebook only. But sounds like Evernote has some convoluted reason as to why they don't want to give us an option without a registry edit.
  2. Any news on this? Quite infuriating that functionality was reduced in the latest 'upgrade' and even more annoying that EN is trying to justify it. Suppose I can't edit my registry? Suppose I ***** up a registry edit and brick my machine? Does EN cover that? I hope I'm missing an easy fix for this . . . Thank you.
  3. I can scan business cards into Evernote and have them import nicely into Outlook 2013. And in my Evernote Contacts Notebook, I can even see the business card and a photo if they have uploaded their photo to Linkedin. I have not been able to have the photo go into my Outlook contacts folder. But recently one individual's photo did show up in my Outlook contacts. I don't see anything that was different about this contact that allowed the photo to appear in Outlook. It would be nice to have all available photos flow into Outlook when I scan the business card into Evernote. Any ideas on how to make this happen and how it happened with one individual contact? Thanks. Bob
  4. I haven't tested whether it's fixed, but support did tell me weeks ago that I'd get an email when it was indeed fixed. Given no email yet I don't have any proof that the issue has been addressed. The bug was intermittent on my iphone6 and ipad Air (both ios 8.1) so just because it's not happening for a while doesn't lead me to believe that Evernote solved this or even looked at it. I certainly didn't see the passcode issue mentioned in the update notes. Did anyone?
  5. Clearly no priority on security at Evernote. They offered me a year of free service but I can't use the product now. They just don't get it. At a time when cyber theft is in the news constantly, they let a security bug linger. And linger. And decide to not warn people about the bug and implement other changes while ignoring this password bug. Who knows what other security issues might be lurking that we don't know about. We only know security is not so important to them. I can use this for personal notes, but this is not a product for businesses where security may matter more.
  6. Pretty shocking that Evernote is not jumping on this. Given that they had a password breach a year or two ago, I'm surprised this has not been escalated. I "may" have fixed it with a deletion and reinstall, but I also changed some of my iphone settings at the same time. I sent support a note about it. They said that my issue "has already been reported to the product team" and they are "not sure when the issue will be resolved." My ticket was "closed" since this was a known issue. This only makes me feel less secure that I have fixed the problem given that support is not suggesting that a deletion of the app and reinstall is a solution. I used to have all my notes synced for offline use, I can't do that without the extra bit of security a passcode offers me. Limits my use of the program now. I only pay like $40/year, but it feels like I'm entitled to some tiny refund given the sudden reduced functionality. FWIW it was support ticket # 759256
  7. You missed my first post and my rant. Evernote is blocked by my company, and by other financial firms. Since it could be used to circumvent the requirement that we store all communications like email, it has been blocked. That's why I want to Sync by email. Curiously there is no requirement that we tape all phone calls, but the big banks in fact record all conversations. I don't understand! You make a note using the desktop application and save it as "Note One" in EN on the desktop application. You go into the next room and turn on your iPad, go the EN app and have it sync. Bingo, there is your "Note One" Why would you want to move "your" entire database from one to the other? It is already being move by the server at the [color=#00800
  8. Understood. Really too bad. EN has been so valuable to me and I found it really useful to work while commuting. I'll still use it on my desktop, but this really limits it. Thanks.
  9. Syncing by email would not violate our cloud policy because in theory compliance could see the file of Evernote data sent via email and read it (using EN if necessary). What "syncing by email" means is another question. In a simplistic way I would like to send my entire en file out by email and it would replace my iPad en file. Not exactly syncing but maybe maybe doable. I can now send individual new notes and that kinda works, but I'll get duped notes if I send an existing note. Best would be to have the various archive services save all en files. This may not seem like a big issue but the SEC is already fining companies for not logging facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. We can now log user messages on those social media sites. We have opted to just block them from our computers rather than have to have our email archive service store those messages and have our compliance dept review them. What a user does from her home computer is largely not our problem, to a degree. People must attest annually that they must not use social media for business. EN will have to deal with this issue if they really want to go public. big brother is always watching if your are in the financial services industry. Given the use of EN and other such services I think a solution will eventually be found once many firms starting blocking unmonitored access. (rant over) Thanks for everyone's help on this.
  10. Evernote has been blocked at my company. (As well as numerous other cloud-syncing software. We are a financial company that must archive all communications/email and I suspect many more firms will start blocking EN.) Since I already have EN I can still use it, but it won't automatically sync with EN on my iPad. It is fine with my company if I can sync by email since all emails are saved and could in theory by reviewed by compliance. Is there a way, say once a day I could sync my work desktop and iPad EN via email? I am not looking to circumvent the no-cloud syncing policy and email would be fine with the company. Thanks, Bobb
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