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  1. Something strange about this bug, as it seems to be relevant to only one of my notes, which is my main note with encrypted passwords. I can decrypt on other notes on my desktop.
  2. Today with a computer reboot, I can see the submit ticket button .. support ticket #1917016.
  3. I have clicked on the link supplied and there is no option to submit the ticket .. but I think I messed up and added the topic to the forum again. I am not a premium member.
  4. Hi I have been using evernote for years and certainly know the password to decrypt text. Today I went to insert the passphrase and get .. the passphrase you have entered is incorrect. Yet when I use the passphrase on my iphone, it works. Using Evernote version 6.10 on OSX El Capitan 10.11.6 Any help would be most appreciated.
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