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  1. Also for the record .. there are only notifications, no messages
  2. Something strange about this bug, as it seems to be relevant to only one of my notes, which is my main note with encrypted passwords. I can decrypt on other notes on my desktop.
  3. Today with a computer reboot, I can see the submit ticket button .. support ticket #1917016.
  4. I have clicked on the link supplied and there is no option to submit the ticket .. but I think I messed up and added the topic to the forum again. I am not a premium member.
  5. Hi I have been using evernote for years and certainly know the password to decrypt text. Today I went to insert the passphrase and get .. the passphrase you have entered is incorrect. Yet when I use the passphrase on my iphone, it works. Using Evernote version 6.10 on OSX El Capitan 10.11.6 Any help would be most appreciated.
  6. Hey just found it and it worked, thanks it was driving me nuts
  7. Hi I am thinking also that I have copied some hidden formatting. I assumed it was the first link in the list and tried everything but it didnt work. How do you simplify the format?
  8. Hi, I am using a mac 10.10.2, with version 6.0.6 Evernote. Can you see that in the url it is actually coming against a margin and then going onto a new line halfway through the address, instead of being all on one line. ie it has put the url onto 3 separate lines. Thanks
  9. Hi I have a note that seems to have a margin, that I cant seem to delete. The best way to describe it is via this screenshot. The list is quite long. Can anyone tell me how to remove it? Thanks
  10. Hi I have a dilemma because I have a mac pro laptop which I will be using shortly when I go away for Xmas which runs on Snow Leopard and the new upgrade for Evernote is not compatible with Snow Leopard. I am now experiencing the issues described in an email sent to me by Evernote regarding the bug "that affected a small number of users that caused notes to seem to disappear. Those notes never went away, but their titles were changed to Untitled, making them harder to find. If I upgrade to latest version of Evernote, I wont be able to read all my notes on my laptop. Any suggestions? Thanks
  11. Ok fixed this issue. 1) Open new firefox tab 2) Open finder window with location of xpi file and drag and drop this onto the firefox empty page. This installs it. If your web clipper icon disappears from the toolbar Firefox Menu 1) Go to View > Toolbars > Customize 2) Locate the Web Clipper icon and drag it to the toolbar.
  12. Ok sorted this too. Firefox menu 1) Go to View > Toolbars > Customize 2) Locate the Web Clipper icon and drag it to the toolbar.
  13. Thanks for that! For those of you like me who had to think about how to do the above, open new tab in firefox, have the finder window with the location of the xpi file next to it, ie. screen has both windows open and then drag the xpi file onto the empty page. It works, only now I don't have the web clipper icon on my toolbar now that it is installed and enabled. Any help with that? Thanks
  14. Hi everyone, using FF 15.0.1 EN Version 3.3.1 OSX 10.8.2 Downloaded the beta version and when I double clicked it in finder I got this Searched the App store and got this Any help with this please?
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