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  1. Thanks for the tag @gazumped. That's quite the work around I think I prefer to wait for Evernote to fix it...I'll be working in Legacy till then! Thanks for the tag though...frustrating bug. And, great troubleshooting by @AdmiralP
  2. Just tried this and unfortunately, the problem persists in exactly the same notebooks as reported above (which is interesting...was thinking this would solve it). Thanks for the suggestion, and hopefully this provides another piece of info for Evernote to quickly resolve this issue.
  3. This issue is appearing in more spots, not just when trying to navigate to notebooks. I tried to change the note-list view, and also to a notebook that was previously not experiencing the problem, and in both cases, I'm getting this screen: This bug is making the v10 app completely unusable for me.
  4. In the desktop client, I'd like to be able to see what my total note count is. Since the number of notebooks is capped, and I have a lot of data in my account, I want to know if I'm close to the limit or not. I don't see a way to know how many notebooks I have in my account as of 10.4.3.
  5. I'm experiencing this same issue in a different Evernote account, also using v10.4.3. There is one notebook that won't load and gives me the same error and experience. That account has fewer notebooks than my primary account where I discovered the issue. I was able to click through all 17 of the notebooks and confirm that one 1 of the notebooks exhibits this behavior.
  6. I have at least one notebook that I can't navigate to in v10.4.3: Bug.mp4 I am able to navigate to the notebook in Web and in Legacy Evernote. I don't have this issue with all notebooks. Most I can navigate to just fine. But this one now appears corrupt and I can't fix it. I don't know (yet) if there are other notebooks I can't access. I do have notes in that notebook that are accessible via the shortcuts. I can pull that note from the shortcuts, but am unable to navigate to that notebook using via the note editor navigation option (clicking on the notebook name). I get the
  7. When we click on a shortcut, the new Evernote does not display the note list (ok, I guess...not in love with this or clear why it is now this way, but could live with it if this is how it is). I've noticed though, that multiple times, what I want to be able to do is to see the note list when I click on a shortcut. And, I can't figure out how to easily do this. I tried this: 1. Go to the shortcut: 2. Click on the notebook name in the note editor to navigate to that notebook: 3: The behavior I'm expecting is that the note list for that notebook to appear, a
  8. @MikeP Are you getting those screenshots after either 1) starting your search from the note list or 2) filtering from the note list (refining your search)? I can replicate that when I do that, but if I initiate the search from the search field in the navigation area, my results only appear in card view. I wonder if that is the difference?
  9. I never use card view (therefore I never begin searches with this view). I believe that currently this is the only view option on search results.
  10. In addition, the only view for search results is card view. In Legacy Evernote, we had all the options for views on search results in the note list.
  11. I have forever wanted the ability to create anchor links to a spots within the same note. Basically, I want to create the equivalent of the html <a href="#page_location"> inside a note. Hoping now that v10 is here, this can be seriously considered.
  12. I thought this was going to be a good workaround, however, command-click is opening the destination note for internal links in its own window. I hate this. It's actually less desirable than the two click process. Still want one click back
  13. I have this issue too. Drag/drop of notes to move them to notebooks is not working in v10.3.6. The interface makes it look like it is working (see screenshot), but it doesn't actually work/move the note. Instead, nothing happens. I can successfully move the note to a new notebook with the Control+Command+M command, or the move note icon in the note editor. I think this is a bug, not a feature request based on the way the interface visually shows that you can drag/drop the note.
  14. I love that Mac users can now also "save current view options for this notebook", however, what I really want is the ability to have the sort order saved as part of the note list view options. I want certain notebooks to always be sorted by title (for example: I have explicit naming conventions applied in certain notebooks so that those notes will sort/group together – often used in project support notebooks), and I want other notebooks to always be sorted by date updated (most often used in notebooks where I'm reviewing and processing information, such as my default notebook/inbox).
  15. In the note list, the image preview thumbnail is missing/broken in offline mode:
  16. I'm adding this to the "Issues" forum in hopes that it is a bug, not a feature.... I'm unable to merge notes while in offline mode (Premium account). Very undesirable as a big time that I organizing my Evernote account is when I'm sitting on an airplane in offline mode. In Legacy Evernote, I am able to clean up notebooks by merging notes, etc, even offline. Tried today in v10 offline and, no dice. Would be helpful to know if this is a bug, or as designed. If as designed, please move this to the feature request forum.
  17. Same experience for me over the weekend. Not sure about today but it was noticeable yesterday when I would click on a note in the note list...took a second or two to reflect that note in the note panel next to it. First time I've noticed performance issues.
  18. I'm under the impression from tech support that pubic notebooks have been removed from v10: "We made a decision to discontinue support for published personal notebooks, also known as public notebooks. We understand this is a feature you’ve been using and we're sorry for any changes to your workflow this may cause. Any public notebooks you currently have will continue to work with their public URL, but you are unable to create new public notebooks in the new Evernote apps." Although I can understand that this feature removal is likely because your internal data shows that this is a fe
  19. (Moderators...can you move this to the right spot for me...just realized I put it in the wrong forum. Apologies). I love that we now have options for how we view PDF attachments (nice improvement!): Now my request is can this "view as" functionality be extended to other file types? Specifically, Mac docs such as Pages and Keynote, and Office docs such as Word and Excel? My question is first if this is possible (I'm hoping so) and if so, this is a feature request: Bring the 3 view as options to as many attachment types as possible.
  20. @gazumped Or, Evernote could just make it so that first notebook is highlighted again (thanks for the workaround suggestions though...appreciate it).
  21. Shift+Cmd+M is my most frequently used function in Evernote. I use it to quickly file all notes I capture to my default notebook. It happens many many times a day, each and every day. In v10, there's an extra keystroke required to file notes using the Shift+Cmd+M feature. The notebook that appears in the filtered list is not automatically selected in the window, and requires a down arrow click to select the notebook where I want to move the note. In legacy Evernote, the top notebook in the filtered list would already be selected, and if that was the notebook I wanted to fil
  22. I’ve updated to 10.0.4 and tried sharing mobile sites to Evernote. There is still no title added to the share window (the title does not pre-populate) but a title *does* get added to the note in Evernote. Seems that we should see that note title information in the share dialogue box though so we know if we want to edit it before saving it. This is a step in the right direction but it’s still not back to what it was previously.
  23. I articulated this in the beta forums and am re-adding here to allow for voting up of the feature for those who agree with me. I very much dislike the added step of having to click a note link, then click the link again in the menu that appears. Adds all kinds of extra clicks to my workflow. I'm aware that Command+Click will open the link in a new window (and bypass the click on the drop down URL that appears). This is an ok workaround for external note links (out to the web, for example) but not at all what I'm after for internal note links (I don't want them to open in a new window
  24. Please return the ability to turn on note counts and make them visible for notebooks in the left side bar. This is a key piece of interface information for how I (and everyone who I coach to use Evernote for GTD) use Evernote.
  25. To clarify, "delete the database" refers to the new 10.0 installation, correct? Delete that to avoid incompatibility issues, then run the legacy 7.14 instal? (and, great warning about local notebooks).
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