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  1. Just wanted to report that I had this issue reappear with the 10.5 update. Deleting the app, rebooting the phone, and then reinstalling the app fixed it. But, there seems to be something that is causing a hiccup that impacts my ability to see Evernote as a share option on upgrade upon the first download with some versions of the app update. I'm now on an iPhone 12 Pro running iOS 14.4.
  2. Ahh @Paul A....I see. Thanks for clarifying. The difference is when you're working with the note in it's own window...you and @billmcc want the link to open the note in the window that is open (which it does in Legacy). I notice that Evernote leaves the open window open but makes the 3 column layout the top layout when you click the link. I can see how this makes things clunky for you when working with open windows. I created this gif to show the behavior of the links if you have the note open in it's own window or not, in case those reading this thread wanted to see a visual.
  3. @billmccI don't have this experience. In 10.8.4, the link opens the note in the same window, and if I Command+Click, it opens in a new window (just like Legacy). I'm VERY happy. It also has the functionality that if you hover over the link, the link edit menu options appear. It's odd that you're having a different experience though...wonder why? I'm on a Mac. Are you?
  4. I had this happen to me today on a demo account (basic tier of service). The notebook and stack structure is there, but the notes are completely gone. This is the first time I've logged into the account in v10 and the issue is present on both the web and my Mac on todays release of 10.6.9. My primary (premium) account is fine, as is another demo account I have (also premium). I don't consider this a resolved issue. Should I start a new thread since this one shows as resolved?
  5. I installed 10.3 today. Now, when I go to share a webpage to Evernote from Safari, the Evernote app is not an option. It's gone, and there is no option to add it back. Please advise where it went and how to get it back! I'm on an iPhone X, running iOS 14.2. UPDATE: Self-resolved and adding solution here in case others experience this too. I deleted 10.3, reinstalled it, and rebooted my phone. Not sure if the reinstall, or the reboot was the solution, but the option to share to the Evernote app is back.
  6. The new desktop release now states that "Log files can be zipped and the smaller file size allows for easier emailing of logs". And, that did work. However, when you go to submit a tech support ticket, .zip files aren't a supported file type: So, I'm forced to upzip the file, and there are 3 files. And you only allow 1 to be uploaded, and the only one you support is .log, so that's the one I uploaded. But, I also have no idea if that is the one you actually need or not to help me with my ticket. Doesn't feel good as a customer. It's extra frustrating as I'm trying to empower Ev
  7. I changed the name of this note title to "Flight to Michigan". It was previously "Flight to LAX" (this is a demo account that I'm trying to illustrate something in). Even after quitting the app, and reopening it, the old note title name is reflected in the note list (vs the new note title name) when I do a search. This isn't how it should be. Note that the updated title DOES appear in the note list if I'm just looking at the notes in a notebook (or "All Notes"). So, it appears that the refresh issues is only happening when I search. Super annoying.
  8. I'm unable to delete tags without Evernote without getting this message: It does delete the tag (when I "Reload Page" that tag has been deleted), but I get this every time I try to delete a tag. Here's a video of the process. It shows that the error, plus that the tag is deleted after refresh. 2020-12-22_06-38-11.mp4 I've deleted the app, restarted my computer, and reinstalled the app. Still have the issue. Any other suggestions to fix this? I'm in 10.5.7 on a MacBook Pro running Catalina 10.15.7.
  9. Thanks for articulating this constraint so clearly. I want to specifically mention that (as far as I can see based on the date of this post) there is no mention of this on the pricing table or in the public materials from Evernote. If it is mentioned, it is not clearly visible and I feel that this is a a dis-service to customers. This revoke limit should be stated clearly on the pricing table. I also believe it is this revoking limit that is causing this issue with being locked out of the account. I still believe there is a bug with it (as expressed above). If you reach your re
  10. It appears that when they do this, they are blocking access on ALL devices (it logged me out of every device that it says I was logged into). And, it wouldn't let me log in, nor gave me directions on how to access my device management list. I've come to understand now that the device list should be accessible and able to be managed via this link, but: #1: Knowing about that link is an issue (panicked users who can't access their data aren't able to find the reference to the device limit page that is buried in FAQ links on this page and #2: If it isn't allowed to be on a 3rd devi
  11. Completely agree that this is very important to address. It is so unintuitive the way it works now. The interface will let you select multiple notes in the notes panel, but if you drag/drop them to any notebook on the left nav (which the interface makes it look like you can do), it only moves the top note of your multi-note selection? Doesn't make any sense at all. Since the multi-drag/drop is part of Legacy Evernote, I trust this will return to v10 – I hope it is sooner than later. I'm upvoting this and hope others do too. This is a huge deal for me in terms of being able to explain
  12. I'm seeing reports of this issue over on Reddit too:
  13. I'm having customers who are on the free account also report this to me. This feels like a HUGE issue to me, and one that Evernote probably has no way to track the number of people who are having issues, as free users have no ability to contact the company (other than post here in the forums, and I know that so very few do). Can anyone from the company acknowledge if this is a bug that is being addressed? And if it isn't, provide some corrective education for us who are experiencing it so that we can help ourselves and others to access our data?
  14. @DTLow Correct...it SHOULD mean that – I agree! However, the issue is that now I have access on ZERO devices. I just checked my Windows machine which was counting as one of my two devices and I've been logged out of that account too, with my only recourse to pay to access (upgrade my account). Using v10, I'm locked out of my basic account on all devices (apparently as a result of trying to switch devices too many times in a month – BTW, this is NOT disclosed on the sign up page as a constraint of a free account which I feel is deceptive). In an effort to troubleshoot this, I did try logg
  15. I am clear on the 2 device limit for basic acocunts. I am also clear that the web now counts as a device. In working with a demo account (that is at the basic level) today that I use in order to train people on how to better use Evernote, I ran across an issue that I believe is a bug in how the device limitation is enforced and has resulted in me being locked out of the basic account all together. I can see how this would infuriate users. Currently, I have no access to my basic account. Instead, I get this message: I saw the warnings about a limit of 2 times (although, I don't think
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