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  1. Same experience for me over the weekend. Not sure about today but it was noticeable yesterday when I would click on a note in the note list...took a second or two to reflect that note in the note panel next to it. First time I've noticed performance issues.
  2. I'm under the impression from tech support that pubic notebooks have been removed from v10: "We made a decision to discontinue support for published personal notebooks, also known as public notebooks. We understand this is a feature you’ve been using and we're sorry for any changes to your workflow this may cause. Any public notebooks you currently have will continue to work with their public URL, but you are unable to create new public notebooks in the new Evernote apps." Although I can understand that this feature removal is likely because your internal data shows that this is a fe
  3. (Moderators...can you move this to the right spot for me...just realized I put it in the wrong forum. Apologies). I love that we now have options for how we view PDF attachments (nice improvement!): Now my request is can this "view as" functionality be extended to other file types? Specifically, Mac docs such as Pages and Keynote, and Office docs such as Word and Excel? My question is first if this is possible (I'm hoping so) and if so, this is a feature request: Bring the 3 view as options to as many attachment types as possible.
  4. @gazumped Or, Evernote could just make it so that first notebook is highlighted again (thanks for the workaround suggestions though...appreciate it).
  5. Shift+Cmd+M is my most frequently used function in Evernote. I use it to quickly file all notes I capture to my default notebook. It happens many many times a day, each and every day. In v10, there's an extra keystroke required to file notes using the Shift+Cmd+M feature. The notebook that appears in the filtered list is not automatically selected in the window, and requires a down arrow click to select the notebook where I want to move the note. In legacy Evernote, the top notebook in the filtered list would already be selected, and if that was the notebook I wanted to fil
  6. I’ve updated to 10.0.4 and tried sharing mobile sites to Evernote. There is still no title added to the share window (the title does not pre-populate) but a title *does* get added to the note in Evernote. Seems that we should see that note title information in the share dialogue box though so we know if we want to edit it before saving it. This is a step in the right direction but it’s still not back to what it was previously.
  7. I articulated this in the beta forums and am re-adding here to allow for voting up of the feature for those who agree with me. I very much dislike the added step of having to click a note link, then click the link again in the menu that appears. Adds all kinds of extra clicks to my workflow. I'm aware that Command+Click will open the link in a new window (and bypass the click on the drop down URL that appears). This is an ok workaround for external note links (out to the web, for example) but not at all what I'm after for internal note links (I don't want them to open in a new window
  8. Please return the ability to turn on note counts and make them visible for notebooks in the left side bar. This is a key piece of interface information for how I (and everyone who I coach to use Evernote for GTD) use Evernote.
  9. To clarify, "delete the database" refers to the new 10.0 installation, correct? Delete that to avoid incompatibility issues, then run the legacy 7.14 instal? (and, great warning about local notebooks).
  10. Can you please clarify: If users instal the new Mac or Windows client, can they either run them parallel, or roll back to version 7.14 if they want? If so, how would they do this? Thank you.
  11. Wow...that did the trick @stocky2605! Thank you! The HTML container links open with a touch of the screen if edit protection is turned on in the settings. So, now that I understand that, my question is – is this the intended behavior of HTML content blocks, or a bug? Seems to me that with edit protection turned off, the links should still work vs trigger editing of the note. But, maybe that is not possible?
  12. @Jaya Shekarraju I clipped the same page 4 times. Here's my report: The warning went away on attempt #4 and does not return on future shares even if I close safari and Evernote and relaunch them later (yay...thank you!) I see a new sync notification when I open Evernote on iOS letting me know that the clip is syncing (helpful). However, if my phone goes into sleep mode, the sync process halts until such time I have Evernote open and active again (undesirable). Still no meta-data (note title) populating on share No tag option on share with this update (as shown in the sc
  13. Just downloaded 10.0.2. Unfortunately they still do not work for me Clicking on a link in HTML content wrappers still launches edit mode.
  14. Thanks @PinkElephant for your attention and reply to my post. Just to clarify, my requests are for the web version, not the iOS version. Looks like your feedback is from the iOS app, correct?
  15. I did a search for these feature requests in this forum before posting, but if I missed them already being logged, feel free to merge this, or link to them so I can upvote them (then delete this). I'm also happy to break these up into different posts if that is helpful. I'm hearing from my community that these features are being missed in the public beta: Want to see note counts displayed next to notebooks on left sidebar Want the ability to record audio notes Want the ability to select multiple notes at once (and therefore not able to take further action on multiple not
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