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  1. Yes...you're so right. That's exactly what's happening! That's the other reason I'm hating this feature...thank you for pointing it out @Mike P. It makes NO sense. If I go through the thought process/choice to actually shortcut a note (presumably it has some contextual importance to me at the time I shortcut it), why would I not want to be navigated directly to that note when I go to the note list? You work shortcuts the same way I do – the notes around it in the notebook matter – A LOT. And, this feature has stripped that context away and made it unintuitive, multi-step, and a thinking exerci
  2. @ABENThank you for consolidating the forum requests on this. I did a search but couldn't even figure out what words to include to describe this – glad to see it has been brought up before. In the current configuration, and, based on @Nick L.reply, I see that they want us to click the notebook icon on the top of the note to navigate to the notebook. I'm aware of this navigational option, but I don't like that i have to take this extra step (and, for some reason, I am not "learning" to do this – and I learn how to do new paths in Evernote pretty quickly – for example, I've adjusted to the remind
  3. I have *tried* to embrace the two column note view that results when you access a note from the shortcuts or recent notes. I feel like I've given it a fair shot. But, I continue to REALLY dislike it. I think it's because it makes the shortcuts and recents notes far less useful to me, because, particularly in the shortcuts, very often I need to navigate to notes that are related to the shortcut that live in the same notebook, and I can't get to the notebook. I keep trying to click the "expand" button to collapse the note view, but, this only expands the note focus, not contracts it. T
  4. @Sayre AmbrosioI tested the "Save to PDF" option from the print note dialogue box on both Legacy and v10 (Mac). The note has a web link and an EN internal note link in it. The web link works in both, and the internal EN note link works in neither. So, it's the same for me for these note link types.
  5. @Sayre AmbrosioI can check, but can you clarify what kind of links? Internal links? Links to web URL's (I'm guessing this?).
  6. I appreciate you saying this @gazumped. Nicely stated and it has helped me to calm down after reading @DougInNCcomments. @DougInNCI find tone not only "harsh" (as you say), but also offensive. It shows a lack of awareness (and simple kindness) to the effort that users are offering here in the community, and I doubt also that it is at all motivating to staff members who have to power to evolve the platform. @Kim Korn request was perfectly stated, and his responses cordial and helpful. Also, I believe both of your concerns are valid. And, I agree it should be fixed. The additional detail
  7. I'm not sure why there is the change in the Window's version of the app, but to add to this conversation, I"m not able to replicate this behavior change in the Mac version of the app (when I go to print a note and "Save as PDF", it creates a full PDF in both Legacy and v10). So, I"m hopeful this means it will be supported functionality in Windows as well. I can see how you need this to work and it is odd that it doesn't. Hoping other Windows fluent users can give you some options and/or the team here can confirm it will work in v10 at some point. Seems odd to me that it doesn't.
  8. You can't center or left align images anymore either. This is super frustrating from an aesthetic point of view. One use case where this is particularly annoying is when I use public notes to share information and I add a banner image or logo at the top to bring branding or visual appeal to the note. To not be able to have that centered is frustrating.
  9. The sort order of the note list (whether it is all notes, a filtered view inside a notebook or stack, or in search results) is very important to my overall efficiency and productivity. I change the sort order all the time depending on the notebook I'm in and what I"m seeking. It would be hugely helpful (a big time and click saver) to be able to change sort order by key command (on desktop). If this existed, I can see these key command becoming as important as CMD+J and CTR+CMD+M are to me. I might even really like some kind of key command that lets me quickly cycle through the d
  10. First, I love the new Merge functionality...HUGE improvement and a lovely feature of v10! I'd love to see a granular improvement to it. I've noticed that if I modify the advanced settings of the merge, it doesn't hold those choices for the next time I merge. So, I have to remember to change the settings each time I execute a merge. I would prefer it if Evernote would remember my advanced settings choice until such time I changed it. I believe this used to be an option in Evernote Windows preferences, so maybe there will eventually be preference options for this in v10? Reg
  11. I've also experienced this more than once on the iPhone (needing to restart to get the share option to reappear). And, I've had clients report it to me as well. I mentioned it somewhere else in the forum, and hope that it is being addressed!
  12. Just wanted to report that I had this issue reappear with the 10.5 update. Deleting the app, rebooting the phone, and then reinstalling the app fixed it. But, there seems to be something that is causing a hiccup that impacts my ability to see Evernote as a share option on upgrade upon the first download with some versions of the app update. I'm now on an iPhone 12 Pro running iOS 14.4.
  13. Ahh @Paul A....I see. Thanks for clarifying. The difference is when you're working with the note in it's own window...you and @billmcc want the link to open the note in the window that is open (which it does in Legacy). I notice that Evernote leaves the open window open but makes the 3 column layout the top layout when you click the link. I can see how this makes things clunky for you when working with open windows. I created this gif to show the behavior of the links if you have the note open in it's own window or not, in case those reading this thread wanted to see a visual.
  14. @billmccI don't have this experience. In 10.8.4, the link opens the note in the same window, and if I Command+Click, it opens in a new window (just like Legacy). I'm VERY happy. It also has the functionality that if you hover over the link, the link edit menu options appear. It's odd that you're having a different experience though...wonder why? I'm on a Mac. Are you?
  15. I had this happen to me today on a demo account (basic tier of service). The notebook and stack structure is there, but the notes are completely gone. This is the first time I've logged into the account in v10 and the issue is present on both the web and my Mac on todays release of 10.6.9. My primary (premium) account is fine, as is another demo account I have (also premium). I don't consider this a resolved issue. Should I start a new thread since this one shows as resolved?
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