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    Evernote Certified Consultant Stacey Harmon is doing a FREE live training event in Downtown Miami on June 14th. You even get a free lunch! RSVP required. Event details and RSVP here. (This event is also being offered on June 8th in Miami Beach...RSVP here for that event)
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  5. @JMichaelTXDefinitely a feature request on my part. Glad you agree
  6. I'm assuming there must be a big technical reason why website URL's aren't an available field in business card notes that result from the Evernote camera and Scannable. Could you explain why the website URL isn't a field that extracted on card scans or why there isn't a field for us to add that manually? And, is there any plans to add this. Seems like a huge hole in the digitize/extract process. Thanks!
  7. Two issues: 1. I seem to have some business notebooks that appear as both personal and business notebooks (and some that don't) - see video 2. I can't always move notes from the default personal notebook to a business notebook - see video. Sometimes I can though. Don't see a pattern yet as to when I can and when I can't. I have a video demoing the problem but it is too large to upload here (exceeds attachment limit). I submitted it to tech support but they told me to post it here...chicken and egg. Can you find the video in your tech support system? Ticket #2053575. Also, what are the best directions for downgrading from Beta to public version. I can't work well enough with all the bugs. Thanks.
  8. I think this is a desktop-wide feature request vs a Mac request (could be wrong though so apologies if this is in the wrong spot). I'd like it if the "subscribe" message that Evernote displays in notebooks, would only apply to notebooks that have a dated reminder in it. So, it would be smart enough to know that if only non-dated reminders are in the notebook, then it wouldn't ask me to subscribe to reminders. I also wish that Evernote would remember that I said "No" to this notification. I repeatedly have to close this dialogue box in the same notebook. If it insists on asking me, I'd like it to remember my reply. I can always change my reminders from the gear or preferences box later.
  9. The new key command to move notes to the business side of my account works well. However, before I found that, I saw that I can choose business notebooks using the Control + Command + M command (all notebooks are appearing....I like this). But, when I move notes that way, it doesn't work. It looks like it will work but instead the interface just spins on sync and the notes don't move. Seems that either there is a bug with moving them, or the bug is that the business notebooks are showing under the Control+Command+M command (without adding the option key). Again, when I add the option key, it works.
  10. Is is possible there is something in this version that is causing the prompt to come up for me to sign into my iTunes account when I launch the app? I'm getting this prompt a lot, and it is only happening when I launch Evernote, and I am definitely already logged in (I've not only logged in several times, but my apps update without me having to log in). I feel like it is something with the Evernote app that is causing this to pop up repeatedly for me. Is this possible?
  11. Thanks @csihilling...I'll look into that. I'm on Mac but am guessing there are parallel options. I give it a try while I patiently wait
  12. I would love to see the ability to create a note link that jumps me to a place lower in the same the html jump to anchor code in webpages. Have heard this desired from others in conversations outside this forum so I'm posting it here to see if it garners any other support. I would LOVE this feature.
  13. In continuing to work with this beta, it has occurred to me that it is actually easier for me to share data with other Evernote users than it is to share between the two sides of my account. I can simply share a business notebook with another Evernote user (of any level, or to someone inside or outside my business account), and have the efficiency of quickly moving notes easily in and out of that notebook, and them having immediate access to them (upon sync). However, I can't share that notebook with the personal side of my account - I have to go through a series of commands and clicks to move data to the other side of my account, and then it is moved, not on both sides of my account. So, in essence, it is easier for me to share data with people I work with and others outside my organization than it is for me to share data with my personal Evernote account? Doesn't seem right. I'd almost be better off having two separate Evernote accounts and sharing the default notebook of my "personal" evernote account with my business account. It highlights another possible remedy to the split between personal and business - allow users to share a notebook with the business or personal side of their account, so they have a "transfer" notebook. And, maybe this can be the default notebook from the personal side of the account so that if they are working on a daily basis on the business side of their account, they can see notes that are generated during the capture process that get auto-filed in the default notebook.
  14. Further thoughts about this release and the relationship between personal notes and business notes. NOTE LINKS: I see that you still allow me to use note links to navigate to a personal note from the business side of my account. However, the wonderful efficiency that used to exist of being able to click the "back" button to return to the previous note, no longer is an option. This is really clunky and almost eliminates the use of note links as a workaround for creating some connection between your personal notes and you business notes. As a use case example: I have my business card notebook on the personal side of my account (so that I can benefit from the Atlas feature that at one time wasn't available on the business side of my account...this may have changed?...there was a time when the location tag on business cards wasn't available if it was kept in a business notebook). Assuming this is still the same, then if I had a business note about a prospect on the business side of my account, but note linked to the persons business card, I could get over to their card that lives on the personal side of my account, but couldn't easily jump back to the business note. I would have to switch accounts and navigate back to the source note on the business side. SEARCH: Not having the ability to search once across all of your notes at the same time feels like a big loss to me. I keep almost all of my data on the business side of my account...BUT, I do keep data on the personal side (when notebooks are shared with me from other Evernote users outside by business organization, for example). Having to do the same search twice (if I even will remember to do that) is an issue. I think this will be a big user training issue for business users who will wonder why the search isn't working when they do a search. They will just assume that search isn't working when it doesn't find their data, when in reality, they had to switch over to their personal accounts to run the search to find the data. OTHER THOUGHTS: Based on this release, it seems that the very unique advantages of having two accounts in one interface that the current live version has (which understandable also comes with on-boarding issues for new business users...I see it all the time) are basically eliminated by this version. Users essentially now have two completely separate Evernote accounts, and they have to account switch between them to use them. If this is the direction Evernote is going, then back to my original post earlier....I think you must make it so that there is a default notebook for business users where emails, web clippings, 3rd party apps, etc can send new notes from outside the app. Otherwise, this release just puts up extra clicks, account switches, and effort into keeping data in Evernote. It reduces efficiency and will still create confusion for novice users (particularly in the adoption of Evernote eco-system tools outside the desktop app - although, maybe this confusion will be less so than understanding the difference between business and personal notebooks and notes). Plus, without some better integration between the two sides of your account, I see you greatly upsetting your current fluent Evernote Business user base that benefits from the efficiencies that we currently have with two accounts in one interface (without having to account switch).
  15. Now that the separation between business and personal notebooks is so clear, I wish the process for moving notes from the default notebook to the business side of your account was easier. Since I don't have the option of making a business notebook my default notebook, often in the course of a busy day, notes get generated in my default notebook (either from outside applications that will only create notes in personal notebooks, forwarding an email to Evernote, etc) and I then have to move them to business when time permits. I find this happens a lot. Every day I'm moving notes from my default notebook to the business side of my account. A lot. As an efficiency I used to do it prior to this release: Drag/drop from my default notebook to a business notebook. Or, Command + Shift + M then type notebook name in move menu, then return to move it (never have to take my hands off the keyboard). Both options are very efficient, intuitive, and quick. Now: The only way I see to do it now (please let me know of there is another way) is to use the move note command, then I have to click on a button with the mouse/trackpad to tell Evernote to access my business notebooks so I can then choose the notebook to move it to. No drag drop option, and I have to take my hands off the keyboard to click a button to then select the business notebook I want the note moved to. Much less efficient. Remedies that would work for me and the workflows I help my Evernote Business clients with: Make it possible to allow users to shortcut their default notebook on the business side of their account so they can move notes that get created there to the business side Allow for the move keyboard command to include both personal and business notebooks Be able to define your default notebook on the business side of your account What is presented in this Beta release is going to be a huge shift in my workflows, and the workflows of my business clients. It is a huge change to efficiency to not be able to see at a glance that we have new notes that got generated in our default notebook while we are on the business side of our account. Back when you split the views in the Windows client I noticed the same issue (when working with clients). I'm on a Mac on a day to day basis so haven't kept up with the feedback on this from the Windows it something you hear about and is there a work around that is more efficient than what I'm currently seeing in this Beta?