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  1. I'm working on mediocre bandwidth (tethered to my phone). I created a new note and started copying URL's into it. I got this message: So I reloaded. And, my note is now blank (all the data I had in it is lost): In my experience, this behavior is a BIG change from how legacy worked. I never lost data working in sub-optimal online access positions. I would sometimes have trouble syncing, or a duplicate note would be created and I'd have to pick which note I wanted to keep, but there was never data loss – the local version always retained my data. Is this an issue that I should report to support? Or, is this the expected (and WAY less desirable) functionality of v10?
  2. Good thought, but I always have my download direct from Evernote, so, seems it is in intermittent bug. I'll submit a ticket. Thanks for your screenshot. (Also, I've had the experience of a reinstall on iOS fixing the issue - ie the app reappears in the share options. Not sure if that will help on the Mac, but can give it a try).
  3. I had a customer (they are on Windows) try to follow these directions from Evernote to enable notifications for Evernote so that they can get task notifications. They are not seeing Evernote as an app in the app list. So, I went to follow the directions for Mac, and I too am not seeing Evernote as an option in the app list (Legacy is an option but not v10). I have 10.17.6 installed on BigSur 11.4. Is this a bug? Or is there something that we can do to have our computer see Evernote as an option?
  4. I'm also having this issue. Downloaded from Evernote. v10.17.6. I documented the behavior I'm seeing in the comments here before I found this thread.
  5. I *think* I'm experiencing the same bug (not positive from your description), but here is what is happening on Mac in v10.17.6. Upon clicking the full screen option on the Helper, it immediately changes the screen focus to the Evernote app (brings it to the front as the active app) and the only full screen image you can capture is Evernote – you can't capture any other apps using the full screen mode. The window and selection icons work slightly better, but upon selection, the screen focus is still brought to Evernote. You can CMD + Tab to another app and use the window or cross hairs properly, but it isn't intuitive or how it *should* be.
  6. Interesting idea...thanks for suggesting it. Tasks with no due date do open up new organizational options...I'm not sold that it will replace what I'm asking for here, but it's still interesting to ponder. I'm going to think about this more. Even if it doesn't solve this issue, it probably has a valid use case somewhere....now you've got me thinking 🤔.
  7. So the problem with this being marked as "solved" is that nobody can upvote the thread as an issue. Can the status of solved be changed/removed?
  8. @viverechristusI couldn't agree with you more about the search. See this thread (which was marked as "resolved"...although for me it is far from it...it's not solved at all).
  9. I don't have this experience. The non-dated reminders appear for me in v10...but I can't control the order of them. They seem to respond to the same sort that I have set for the notebook (which is a change in behavior from Legacy). All of the notes appearing on the reminders tab have no reminder date associated with them:
  10. This is not my experience. I'm on 10.11 and have the issue with both my iPad and iPhone. It is definitely not solved for me! But, as posted, the workaround provided via tech support provides a (clunky) resolution.
  11. @martyscholesI communicated with tech support just last week about this. Here is their response, and it did work for me (its very similar to what @PinkElephantprovided you earlier, but the first tip about doing 1 notebook at a time is different, and worked for me at the time...I still have to repeat this process to keep things current so it is definitely not working well on the whole). I don't know what to do about you not having an auto-lock "never" option...that sounds like a device or security issue with your iOS device vs an Evernote thing. But, maybe this will help as it did for me: "I understand that you are unable to finish downloading your notebooks offline. To confirm, how many notebooks have you tried downloading offline? Please know that this is a known issue that we are aware of. As a work around, kindly follow these steps: Select one notebook at a time in Evernote Settings > Notebooks > Offline notebooks Open iOS Settings > Display and Brightness > Auto-Lock > press Never Plug the iPhone or iPad to a power source Leave your phone plugged with Evernote open for a few hours Repeat with more notebooks"
  12. I navigate to notebooks all the time, either via the left toolbar, or via the Quick Switcher. Once I'm there, I want to further refine my search with a text string. I think the notebook didn't come up in my search because I also have a lot of notes that have the word "Statement" in it (my guess is that it worked for you because you don't). I had to make the search string longer to get it to bring up the notebook so that I could do as you suggested. It officially works, but not intuitively (I'm scratching my head why I don't see the notebook when I type ".statements" in the search bar, nor more efficiently than the old way (again, I have to do the search twice...where in Legacy, the fact that the notebook is selected (either by me clicking on it in the left side bar, or getting to it via Quick Switcher) gives me the option to just tap the button to filter the search when I start typing text in the search filed (as shown in my legacy screenshot).
  13. I'm wanting the notebook ".Statements to Reconcile/Bills to Pay" to be the filter (not .In Box). My screenshot is showing how that notebook didn't come up when I did a search for ".statements". I had to get more specific to bring up the notebook so that I could add it as a filter as shown in the 2nd screenshot. Still sad, since it appears that Evernote marked this ticket as "solved", which tells me they think what you provided is the solution. And, although you've shown me how to move closer to what I'm seeking (thank you), it falls short of what I experience in terms of efficiency in the Legacy desktop version.
  14. Ok! Now we're getting somewhere. Thx @eric99. But, I see that you marked my post as "solved". (I assume it was you...maybe not? Who can mark forum posts as solved?) For me, it is not there yet. Here are the detail issues I have with this method: First, search doesn't pull up the notebook: I have to keep getting more and more specific with the search name to bring it up. I don't know how to "train" Evernote search to find what I'm looking for, but clearly, it thinks I'm seeking a note, not a notebook, even with the "." I put in front of the notebook name. And then, 2, this method still ignores the fact that by clicking on the notebook in the navigation menu, I've already performed the first level of search that I want. This method (which, I'm guessing is the way search is designed to workin v10?) requires me to "re-search" for the notebook I want in the search box, then save it as a filter, then do another text string search to get the result I put in the first screenshot of this reply. Not ideal.
  15. Thanks for the ideas all. You've confirmed my worry that what I really want isn't possible in v10. I followed your suggested, and even tested them out, and they work. But, this only confirmed for me that v10 is not nearly as efficient as Legacy. What used to be a simple "click" to filter (when I was already working in the notebook – Evernote was smart enough to give me 1 click access to the notebook I was already in when I executed a search with that notebook suggested): ...now requires me to either: 1. Type in a whole string of grammar (as @DTLowuses). For me, this sucks because the notebook name is long and unruly, plus I have to reference it which is work I shouldn't have to do since I'm already in the notebook. Of course, I can consider changing the notebook name as a solution, but still, definitely not as efficient as what it was in v10. 2. Reconfigure my whole workflow to organize it with tags. I agree that tags are a good use for status oriented items like bill paying. But, it really isn't what I am trying to do here. Basically, it appears the Legacy way of having the notebook selected as a filter is not an option unless you want to get into typing in advanced search parameters in v10. Nothing about this is more useful to me and it is proving to be very disruptive to how I have used Evernote for my workflows. If I have a notebook selected on the left, that IS a search filter (as it is for many who use notebooks as their organizational approach). I want to be able to simply refine the filter in that notebook. I don't think that is an unreasonable expectation. Yet, it seems v10 makes me jump through hoops, clicks, or precise typing in the search field to make it happen. I'm sad.
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