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  1. Good tip, thanks. It does work better for filter and tag searches. Not so much for text searches (which is basically all I do from the search box). I will patiently wait for this feature to stabilize
  2. Confirming here that doesn't work for me either. I'm concluding it is a bug and didn't report it. Viewing this release as more as a preview of what is to come with a patch/next release as very few things work for me as announced in the release notes. For example, the new suggested filters feature – I can see a brief flicker on screen of the suggested filters, but they don't stay/stick. It's a very buggy release. Except, the copy/paste of images functionality works so, I'm happy!
  3. Works for me too! Best news of this update. Thanks Evernote!
  4. Both my customers and myself are having issues getting the phone number recognition feature that was released in 10.22 to work as we expect. We're not sure if it is user error, or a bug. Here is what we're experiencing. On Mac desktop, when I type a number in the editor formatted as a phone number, either: xxx-xxx-xxxx (xxx) xxx-xxxx It isn't converting it to a phone number link. It works more reliably on mobile, though not 100% in my experience. I've had users on Windows report the same issue to me. It doesn't work on desktop, but it works on mobile. Is this a known bug, or is there some user training that can be provided to get the feature to work?
  5. I often store screenshots in Evernote. And, I hate how v10 forces me to work with those images if I want to use them in other places (I have to download it then upload it to the other app). I want the ability to copy an image to the clipboard so I can paste it in other apps (it works in Legacy!). I definitely want to be able to paste images in my email client, but ideally, I want to be able to paste them in any app. The current need to download/save the image to my computer then upload it to the app is VERY cumbersome. And, it doesn't honor the OS system preferences I have set up in my Mac (I have all items save to my Downloads folder...but the download of the image from Evernote doesn't honor that...it defaults to on my desktop and I forget to change it before hitting save – annoying!). This would be a huge workflow improvement to v10. Hope to see it soon.
  6. It would be super functional if, when assigning a custom title to a scratch pad, that scratch pad title was included in the note title that is created when I convert the scratchpad content to a note. So, for example, I've renamed one of my scratch pads "Business Capture": When I convert it to a note, I'd like to see the title as "Business Capture – <date, time>" or "Business Capture Scratch Pad – <date, time>" vs just "Scratch Pad – <date, time>" like it is now: Adding this contextual information automatically to the note title would make the multiple scratch pad widgets option for Professional and Teams accounts so much more functional (and slick) for me!
  7. Totally agree with this! This is one of those little details that makes a big difference in the efficiency of using the app. Also, not sure why, but I can't "upvote" this post. Anyone know what I'm missing? Can you only upvote certain types of posts here in the forum?
  8. When sending a note via email, if you hit "return" in the message field (to start a new line), it sends the message. I want to be able to write a few lines, and have them spaced out with returns. I can't tell you how many notes I've emailed that have "Hi <persons name> – " as the only thing in the message because every time I hit return, it sends the note! I also noticed that there is a pretty limited character count on what you can include in the message. It would be helpful to see the number of characters remaining as I type (I'd love to see this on Scratch Pad too btw). Not sure if this is specific to Mac or not, so added it to the Mac forum but would love to know if the behavior is the same on Windows. If so, happy to have this moved to the general feature request area.
  9. Ah! Yes...thank you. I looked, but my eye skipped over this option (probably due to my frustration in the moment). Appreciate you pointing this out. #likeminds
  10. Logging another issue that is forced view causes me: I don't have a way to open the note in it's own window from this view. Frustrating.
  11. Here's the recreation of the original post I lost with screenshots so that the Evernote team can see the timestamps: Mobile v10.14 iOS Desktop v10.18.3 Mac On high-speed wifi bandwidth (approx. 200 MB on both laptop and mobile) Around 3:16 pm on Sunday, I started the process of creating 4 notes from the web to Evernote on my iPhone (3 using the share sheet, 1 not). All appeared in the app on my phone and appeared synced (no blue corner). Around 3:45, I still couldn't find them in v10..they hadn't synced. So I started troubleshooting. Logged in Legacy and the 4 notes are there (@ 3:49): Logged into the Web and 1 of the 4 notes is there (????) @ 3:55 pm At 4:01 pm, none of the 4 notes are in v10 (even though 1 is in web?): As reported above, when I finally decided to quit v10 and reopen it, the notes were then there.
  12. In case any users reading this thread missed it like I did – @Lemini's original post highlights the v10 workaround: Use an iOS device to record...the file format is .m4a. The iOS app and the desktop app record audio in different formats (odd given the focus on consistency between apps, but maybe .m4a support is coming for desktop?). Using Legacy on desktop as your voice recording is also an option as a workaround (which creates a .wav file).
  13. I unfortunately just spend 30 minutes crafting a long post with ample screenshots showing the issue graphically. I accidentally quit Chrome before submitting. I have no more energy or time to put in reporting this issues. Here is a quicker summary. The end result is (with screenshots to prove it): To get 4 notes from mobile to sync, I had to quit Legacy and reopen it (over 30 minutes after the notes were created on mobile) The 4 notes synced to Legacy just fine. And, baffling to me as a user who doesn't understand the tech behind the user interface – 3 of the 4 notes were not in Web, yet all of them were in Legacy. Does that mean there are 2 sync engines? How did Legacy get the notes (exactly as I expect Evernote to work, by the way), but the web client didn't? And how did it only get 1 of 4? I have all this in screenshot form and I'm on the iOS 10.14, and Mac desktop 10.17.8 I can't echo enough the requests here in the forum for a manual sync button. As a user, I want the Legacy sync experience to be my v10 experience. I also want to know...is this the new norm? Or is it realistic to expect progress in this? Will the v10 experience ever be as quick as Legacy? How can we as users ensure our data is syncing? The current delays (when I'm on over 200MB of bandwidth) hinder, not help, my work.
  14. The resulting search from the Switch To command in v10 is WAY less useful than it is in Legacy. I can't count on it to find what I'm looking for. I think part of it is that it doesn't appear to prioritize notebook names like it does in Legacy. And, even when I have an exact match on the title of a note, it doesn't always find it. 2 specific examples/results presented below. Example 1: Switch to search for "Whole30" (my goal...I want to switch to/navigate to the notebook I created with that title) v10 Result (not notebook option...can't even search for a notebook...only notes...yet it clearly knows that I have a Whole30 notebook as many of those notes live it in) Legacy Results: Perfect Example 2: Want to Switch to a note that has an exact title match v10 Result: I have to perform a search to navigate to it (the note does result in the list even though it isn't at the top of the list as I would expect it to be with an exact match) Legacy Result: Perfect
  15. This file format isn't read by Otter.ai which I use for all transcriptions. Makes the Evernote audio feature irrelevant to me. I agree wholeheartedly that the file format should be something that is considered a common audio format.
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