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  1. Well it's not a function of Windows file system I crated three files M-Classical Music M-Pop In Windows they appear as M-Classical M-pop Music Got around it by using Mother-child system in Tags
  2. Yes definitely a quirk, even ran Evernote in DebugMode and optimized the database Still the same
  3. In the widget there is no search window that will let you select view by title, all the search icon does is allow you to search
  4. Evernote for Windows If I list the tags in the web interface they appear as follows (eg Correctly) M-Classical M-Easy Listening M-Movie M-Pop In windows Evernote they appear as (eg Wrongly) M-Classical M-Easy Listening M-Movie Movie M-Pop The same thing happens with other tag labels
  5. I'm experimenting with the list widget as a quick way to access notes. I've got a problem however if I select by Tag is there anyway to list the items in alphabetical order?
  6. When I view a note the format toolbar is no longer visible and can only be accessed by selecting format from the menu, or double clicking on the note
  7. Jefito Yes that fixed it thanks, hardly ever shut down with File exit, so easy mistake to make I think. This should be referenced in some of the instructions for using Debug mode
  8. Windows 7 Evernote version Windows Can't open Evernote in debug mode when doing following Now, open the Run command by pressing your Windows key and R at the same time (Win+R). Enter the following in the box, the press Enter or click Ok: Evernote.exe /DebugMenu Nothing extra appears on Toolbar Menu
  9. Maybe what's needed is the ability to search with a tag eg Tag Cellar Red Search Pinot Noir
  10. Using your own tags as an example, if instead of using nested tags as you did, you created the following tags: Wine.CellarRed Wine.CellarWhite Wine.DrunkRed Wine.DrunkWhite In a new wine-related note, when you go to the tag field and start typing 'Wine', you get a drop down list of all your tags that begin with 'Wine'. That's what JMichael is doing with his SYM.<symbol> tagging. So his list looks something like: SYM.aapl SYM.msft SYM.intc SYM.goog And if your list of such tags is long and cluttering up your tag list, you can nest them all in a 'MyWines' or similar tag. But that's the problem , why would one want to start typing wine? Just select wine from a list your top level nested tags so much easier. and then select say Cellar white, works quickly on Android and Windows PC I do think tags are great by the way!!
  11. I only have a Master Notebook plus a couple of shared Notebooks and use Tags and use a tree structure Eg Wine Cellar Red Cellar White Drunk Red Drunk White However I'm confused by what you mean by symbol Tags
  12. Just noticed on the latest version of Android, that putting a 10 digit number into Evernote windows and then syncing it, ,that on Android I saw the number was highlighted in blue if you then select it it automatically opens a telephone link Is this new? In the past you had to create a modified hyperlink
  13. On Android I use an App called "Reduce Photo Size" it can set the pic format to whatever type you want and also post it as a new note to Evernote
  14. In the left hand panel, I haven't been able to rename tags, can only do it in a note
  15. Just discovered the new list widget. I have changed the way I use Evernote on Android to the following. 1.Added an extra screen 2. Added the widget to new screen and re sized widget to fit screen. 3. Added a icon on home screen dock which will take me direct to this screen I find this a quicker way to access my data in Evernote now. However I have one problem. I use a lot of nested nested tags Such as: Garden Plants LH Bed Tulip Daffodil The problem with using the tag selection in the widget is that it displays the tags as a flat list, which you have to hunt through EG Daffodil Garden LH Bed Plants Tulip Also Garden tag may have no entries by choice, but just calls up the nested tags, I can no longer do this.
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