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  1. The Ctrl-Alt-T's shortcoming is no filtering support, so we have to look for the target tag in a stack only with our eyes , which is so slow and ineffective.


    The Alt-F2 and Drag way's shortcoming is that, once after I add a tag to a certain note in the -tag:* search list, this note will disappear in the note list immediately, because it's no longer compliant with -tag:*, which make it impossible to add the follow-up tags.


    If the tag on the toolbar support not only prefix match, but also searching, it indeed completely solves my needs. But it seems not support yet, right?


    So for now, what is the fastest way to add multiple tags to a note?

  2. 17 分鐘前, csihilling說:

    Try un-checking Match tags by prefix in the tag picker, Tools - Options - Navigation.  Typing Life should return all tags containing Life then.  If I understand what you are trying to do.

    I just found out so many evernote tips I did not know!

    After your remind, I find ALT-F2 is way much better than CTRL-ALT-T which I now use! If we only select tags, ALT-2 is even more useful than CTRL-Q which @gustavgi just teach me, and ALT-2 also support drag-and-drop!

    very very grateful to you and @gustavgi :) real Guru!

  3. 14 分鐘前, gustavgi說:

    As a workaround I suggest you try the Ctrl+Q search. Type Life and then drag-and-drop the tag you want to add to the note, onto the body of the note (or a note in the list).

    It also has the advantage that it highlights where in the tag name the searched word is matched, in yellow.

    Awesome! I never knew this ctrl-q feature, completely solve my problem, very very very grateful :)

  4. 15 分鐘前, gustavgi說:

    What exactly do you mean?

    Filter by only show tags with Book somewhere in the tag name, or, show tags with Book in the tag name as well as those tags child tags (even if they don't have book in their name)?

    `.Life.Hobby.Book` is a complete whole tag, do not misinterpret it into three tags. Maybe the way I named tags is easy to misunderstand, see this post.

    What I want is that when we type `Life` in the filter box, any tags that contains `life` should be listed, any tags that does not contain `life` should be hidden.

  5. 5 小時前, gazumped說:

    Hi.  First, please don't 'bump' the thread - voting is better,  not against the forum rules,  makes life a little easier for the volunteers like me who (mainly) support and comment on posts... and is noted by Evernote as an indication that there are more folks interested in this idea than the many (thousands of) others around here.

    Second - there are a ton of work-arounds to make tags easier to apply,  including text expander software and the fact that in most Evernote tag dialogues,  tags in CSV format - ".life.diary.reading,.life.hobby.cooking" can be copy/ pasted or single-key text expanded into the relevant field and will then be parsed into two (or more) separate tags as required.

    Agreed the tag system could be much improved but I don't think this is by a long way Evernote's current main issue...

    My English is not so good, I'm not sure I understand your second point correctly. How the tags is resolved and what this post request seems irrelevant I think? The reason why I name tags in this way, is because with the combination of nested tags, when I search the parent tag, the child tags will be covered too. Like when I search `tag: Life.Hobby*`, every note marked as `tag:Life.Hobby.Books` and `tag:Life.Hobby.Tenis` will also appear in the search results. You cannot do it with combination of `notebook:xxx`, except by this way. Anyway, I'm off the topic.


    I agree that this `tag filter` feature, is likely in the bottom of the PM team's priority list.

    Pardon me to complain a little. In fact, for the 5+ years I use evernote, the official give me the impression that they move so SLOW. Look at its competitors `Wiz` in China. Wiz started its business later than evernote for many years, however Wiz now have 95%+ features evernote has, and at the same time, Wiz support `code highlighted(js/c/c++....)` `FULL markdown` `linux support` `multiple nested notebook` `more powerful crawler than EverClip`and many other features evernote don't have. I like evernote and I hope evernote move faster! 6.4 GA to 6.5 GA cost almost 5 months, and what new features was added? Only one `Enable on demand sync` which I never use. 5 months, Almost nothing!

    I know that the official may have reasons, such as software stability better than move fast, or compare so many platforms and features with little R&D resources, I understand that, but I still hope it move faster! Although this is not a note software, look at `MyLifeOrganized`. Everyone who used it would marvel at its strength. Please learn its spirit, the spirit of squeezing every feature a software can have, spirit of the craftsman!


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  6. UPDATE:

    Awesome! I never knew this ctrl-q feature, completely solve my problem, very very very grateful :)



    When you're in evernote Windows, you have the ability to assign tags (Tag Note = CTRL+ALT+T). You get a list of Tags (see Attached)

    It would be great if this interface has the filtering feature.

    I have 400+ tags, each time I use this assign tags, I have to locate it in a bunch of tags, too painful and waste time.

    If you also support this feature, please bump or vote for it.


  7. I also need this feature.
    In theory, this is not difficult to achieve. Just like css `display: none`, add an item in context menu when right click the tag, after choose it, just hide this tag in the view. No other extra behavior need.

    Really hope this feature can added. I do not want to change my tag structure, it is an inconvenient and sloppy move.

  8. 18 分鐘前, jefito說:

    Then it sounds like Undo/Redo need to be fixed. And resizing in all cases. But if you don't want to resize your tables, then don't,

    And consider submitting that table to customer support, so they have a clear bug sample.

    Really hope there's an option to disable this feature, for users who don't need it, just the same as the option to disable "Automatically format text elements" feature, because I often hit it and change the column width by accident.

    And thanks for reminding! I will submit this table to customer support.

  9. Thanks!

    1. How to hide Trash and Notebooks in left panel, like in v5 before? I only focus Tags and don't want these two occupy spaces...

    2. How to delete itself in single note UI(ctrl+alt+n)? the delete icon in toolbar when v5 disappear now.

    3. I find some notes NOT wrap line anymore in v6, which wrap line in v5. really don't want to see horizontal scroll bar forever, like in v5.

  10. I used to style text like gif1 shown below in Evernote v5 generation, with the help of AHK.
    In v6(in fact since v5.9.5.9380 with the improving of note editor), however, I tried, but still cannot make it work like before, like gif2 below show...It always add weird newline...

    Anyone can help me fix this? or have a better way to highlight and change color of text with one click?
    Here(L537~L557) is the source code.

    Really need help, headache for so long time. Thanks!!




  11. Please stop adding SPACES arbitrarily at where unnecessary and don't need it!!
    CJK language users and code snippet don't need it and beyond annoying!
    If you really want add this feature, why not provide an option let user to choose, enable or disable it?

    In the past, the extra space issue only happened when RTF associated, check this this and this post . But from about v5.9.X, even pasting some text with styles into evernote editor, evernote will add extra spaces "cleverly", especially in CJK language! like this post and this said.
    I have to stay v5.8.12 because pasting is a daily use operation, and delete so much times extra spaces drive me crazy.



  12. PM seems didn't pay enough attention remembering Evernote is an international product.

    In English, adding extra space is absolutely a good feature.

    but under code or CJK language context? it's beyond annoying. Chinese/Japanese have no spaces between char:

    and check this post too:


  13. 4 hours ago, JMichaelTX said:

    I disagree.  Evernote should handle pasting of any text into a Note.

    This definitely sounds like a bug to me, and I recommend you submit a bug report.
    I just tested in EN Mac 6.4, and it works fine.  No reason for it not to work in EN Win.

    I recommend that everyone who experiences a bug to submit a bug report.  This will make sure that Evernote is aware of the issue, provide your environment data to help identify/fix the issue, and put more pressure on Evernote to fix.


    Submit a BUG report via an EN Support Ticket. In the Support Form, select "Report a bug", and start the Ticket Title with "BUG:  " to make it clear.  Reporting a bug should be available to all users, including Free Account owners.  Other Ticket types available to Free users are "Data Loss", "Crash", & "Sync Issue", "Payment/Billing Issue", and  "Log in issues".

    Wow, after update BACK to v5.9.6.9494, the latest version on windows, everything is normal.
    so this is only a bug before the note editor changed a lot recently, I think, at least in v5.8.12.

    Now I'm in a dilemma. considering of dislike for recent big changes about note editor, which makes my AutoHotkey script written for the editor before, not working anymore, I stay 5.8.12 for a long time. Now have to choose....:(

    Thanks @JMichaelTX and @gazumped

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  14. Very Simple test case:
    1、In browser, Open http://waldens.github.io/evernote_text.html
    2、Ctrl-A,select all,Ctrl-C,copy the code
    3、switch evernote windows, Ctrl-V, paste
    !Result: the evernote window will force close, although the process isn't killed.
    4、activate evernote window again, use mouse to click any positon in code block pasted above.
    !Result: the evernote window will FC again!

    Win7x64, Evernote Windows 5.8.12
    If in newer version, test case above is passed, plz let me know:)

    More test case:
    Check this: http://bigbytetech.ca/how-to-paste-formatted-code-into-evernote
    and follow the steps of third section "The Evenote Desktop Method".
    when copy the code with inline css to evernote, it will FC, in my PC.


    Hope this is not bug, it's my personl problem, so can be fixed more easily.


  15. On 2016/2/1 at 0:49 PM, The Dev said:

    Great solution! I find, however, pasting to evernote windows will make it FORCE CLOSE. Maybe the style code contained is parsed by evernote abnormally?
    like this gif demonstrated (4mb): Animation.gif


    and another fantastic way, like this post said, using "copy as rtf" feature of sublime text/notepad++/ultraedit, to paste code with style, also have an problem.
    Evernote will add extra spaces, like this gif demonstrated (900K): Animation1.gif


    really hope there's a better way.

  16. 16 hours ago, gazumped said:

    Hi.  I use Windows and Android and haven't seen this - can you provide a screengrab of a few test notes to demonstrate?

    I tried, but still cannot find the pattern and reproduce 100%.

    In my envirenment(win7x64/EN@win, Follow these steps will reproduce about 40%:
    ❶ create new 3~4 pure text notes one by one in Android, without title(EN will add automaticlly), save
    ❷ Android EN will sync automaticlly
    ❸ sync EN client in desktop
    !❹ and will see the inconformity of some sipnpet, like screenshot show.



    first note in screenshot.enex

    2nd note in screenshot.enex

  17. In Windows EN, the snippet of notes, seems especially new notes created in Android(not sure), always WRONG - show other irrelevant notes's snippet.
    Even "Ctrl-Help-Fix current notes/all notes" will fix this problem of existing notes, but the new notes created afterwards still have a high chance to recreate this problem. I feel the probability is one tenth of the notes.
    and don't know whether this problem is associated with my notebook structure: My EN only have 1 notebook but many tags, the total notes amount is 4000.
    Any fix solution? Thanks!

  18. For adding more hotkeys with Evernote's editor, I'm using WinClip. This is effect:


    This is core script:

    evernoteEdit(eFoward, eEnd)    {        ;BlockInput On        clipboard =        Send ^c        ClipWait, ,        t := WinClip.GetText()        html = %eFoward%%t%%eEnd%       ;add raw html format        WinClip.Clear()        WinClip.SetHTML(html)        Sleep, 300        Send ^v        Return    }    #1::evernoteEdit("<div style='color: #F02E37;'><b>", "</b></div>")    !f::evernoteEdit("<div style='margin-top: 5px; margin-bottom: 9px; word-wrap: break-word; padding: 8.5px; border-top-left-radius: 4px; border-top-right-radius: 4px; border-bottom-right-radius: 4px; border-bottom-left-radius: 4px; background-color: rgb(245, 245, 245); border: 1px solid rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.148438)'>", "</div>")    !1::evernoteEdit("<div style='background: #FFFAA5;'>", "</div>")

    But bugs exist:


    For bug 1, I tried to backup original format first, then adding new format outside the original, but still not working well.
    For bug 2, after backup raw html, it's working, but at same time introducing some gibberish, like below. By debug, guess maybe the coding issue, UTF-8/ANSI, but don't know how to fix it.

    UPDATE: BUG 2 solved at here, BUG1 still need help.



    This is the new code associated, please check it. Thanks:

    evernoteEdit(eFoward, eEnd)    {        clipboard =        Send ^c        ClipWait, ,        t := WinClip.GetHTML()          ;get html, not text, for backup original format        RegExMatch(t, "s)(?<=StartFragment-->)(.*?)(?=<!--EndFragment)", t)     ;remove needless part, to get raw html only        html = %eFoward%%t%%eEnd%        WinClip.Clear()        WinClip.SetHTML(html)        Sleep, 300        Send ^v        Return    }
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