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  1. I saw a Evernote service that for a flat fee you mail in using provided envelopes your papers to be scanned in. What is it called? How do I sign up/
  2. Thanks for the help, but I've actually grown even more frustrated! I can't seem to make the scan go to where I'm designating and its taking waaaaaay too long to scan a simple black and white document with only text! I couldn't find the HP device manager or the HP Folder in my applications folder! If anyone runs across a video tutorial on this I'd appreciate if you'd send me the link! Thanks again! Technology is supposed to make things easier I thought?
  3. Thanks GM, and BNF! Please forgive me but I am really not technically savy! GM I have a HP Officejet Pro 8500A Plus. If I understand you correctly I need to create a "inbox" folder that I want all scans to go to? Then step 2 OCR (Adobe Acrobat Pro) ? What is that? Step 3 The change names (YYMMDD + keywords) is that the file name I want to give the items? Again I am so sorry for not being more astute technically. I really appreciate all your help!
  4. I have an HP Officejet Pro printer, fax, scan, copier. Can I scan documents into Evernote using this? Has anyone had success doing it?
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