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  1. I see, does this work? LinkedNoteStoreClient linkedStore = factory.createLinkedNoteStoreClient(linkedNotebook);Notebook notebook = linkedStore.getCorrespondingNotebook(linkedNotebook);As for the NoteStore#getLinkedNotebookSyncChunk, we are looking into the another issue. Thank you for your patience. Update: If you need SyncChunk, you can do this as workaround: SyncChunk syncChunk = linkedNoteStore.getClient().getClient().getLinkedNotebookSyncChunk(yourToken, linkedNotebook, afterUSN, maxEntries, fullSyncChunk);
  2. Hi, You can get older versions of users' notes using NoteStore#listNoteVersions and NoteStore#getNoteVersion if they are premium.
  3. Hi, I'm not sure how you got the first one though I assume you would like to do this: while(iterator.hasNext()) { LinkedNotebook book =; SyncChunk linkedSync = noteStore.getLinkedNotebookSyncChunk(book, nbUSN, 100, false); // ...}instead of while(iterator.hasNext()) { LinkedNotebook book =; LinkedNoteStoreClient linkedStore = clientFactory.createLinkedNoteStoreClient(book); SyncChunk linkedSync = linkedStore.getClient().getLinkedNotebookSyncChunk(book, nbUSN, 100, false); // ...}If I understand incorrectly, please let me know what you are trying to do. If that's the case, the latest bug fix might not be related to your issue. Thanks.
  4. Hi, As described here, NoteStore#emailNote is not available to third party developers.
  5. Hi, If you call NoteStore#getNote with withResourcesData false, the resource content is not fetched..
  6. Yes, it's here. Let me know if you still have any problems. Thanks.
  7. Hi, It's probably the bug of Java SDK. We've done changes on a branch on github and merge it once we finish review. Thanks for your patience.
  8. Hi, As described here, emailNote function is not available to third party application. Thanks.
  9. Update tags using UpdateNote API?

    Could you provide some code snippet you tried? It should work.
  10. Very High latency for Python SDK

    The latency on the sandbox is generally higher than the production. Let us know if you have same issue when you run your app against production.
  11. What is the error code in that exception?
  12. Issue with the access token

    19 is the RATE_LIMIT_REACHED error code. Please read this document.
  13. Yes, the highest USN of your updated resources should be the latest USN. If you are sure that you don't have any other transaction, you can verify it with updateCount included in the return value of NoteStore#getSyncState.
  14. Hi, Did you activate your API key on our production service and get access token there?
  15. Please read this document.