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  1. Problem for me, too. Any information available on the timeline on a fix? In the interim, is it possible to roll back to when it did print correctly? As others have said, this is a significant QC problem and a significant workflow impact.
  2. As I understand it, Evernote will be using Google's deep learning/machine learning APIs, among other things. Rich, can you comment further on this aspect and whether it will be possible to opt out from such features? I share Cal's position, which he describes very clearly (emphasis mine):
  3. Sadly, I'm another premium user who really dislikes the current sharing model. I use a workaround on the Mac client that helps a little: Keyboard shortcut to "Email a Copy..." returns the earlier behavior, and avoids inadvertently sharing or "chatting". The current Mac EN version of the clear in-note window "Share" button only offers Work Chat, but with email addresses (hey, how about you only show work chat for people with EN accounts, and Email to otherwise, because it's really misleading as is). That means it's very easy to fail to send a note that you think you've sent, as others in this thread have mentioned. So, I do not just want the ability to remove the chat icon from the top toolbar (which I did ASAP). I want 1) The option to disable Chat on all of my EN clients and get the screen space back 2) The ability to replace the in-note Share button/dropdown with an email button (or make it point directly to "Email a Copy...") or 3) Failing item 2, a way to remove the "Share" button/dropdown from the in-note window icons (currently reminder, present, annotate, info, trash, giant share). As long as I'm dreaming, I'd love for that toolbar to be configurable, also. This isn't petty design grousing. The change has caused problems in our workflow, whatever those who do not find it a problem may think. The people I am sharing my note with do not want to sign up for EN, nor do they want to click a separate link. Most of the purpose is so that they, too, have a record of our meeting, outcomes, tasks, etc. on their own system, so that when they search their own computers or email they find it. Yes, they *could* click a link, sign up for something, copy/download the note and file it. Or they could just leave it in their email as most of us do and find it when they search. I'm not going to ask colleagues and clients to spend yet more time on something that it doesn't, and shouldn't, need. I'm sad to see that apparently I only ever post when I hate something - I still miss EN3. I really do, in general, love evernote, and I advocate for others to use it. But I'm doing less of that now, and much of that has to do with the bloat. I still use it, I still love it (and I love that I can now clip into EN on iOS). Caroline (edit - typos)
  4. This! Exactly this. I do feel a bit like it has to do with our particular workflow styles (which from your comments seem similar). I haven't hit bugs so much as a broken workflow, so it doesn't feel beta to me. On the other hand, I do concur on providing the older versions, not just for those of us who are premium but for anybody who needs them (I know a lot of students who don't feel like they can afford premium but still rely on evernote, and end of term is coming fast). Maybe with a great big caveat about database corruption and backups. -ct
  5. I think I'm noticing a pattern in who doesn't like/is struggling with the new UI. Seems to me to be a subset of people with a particular, hierarchical or n-d workflow. We're not going to be served very well by something that mimics the more 2-d mobile-ish workflow (ie the absence of stacks in the mobile version was a problem for many). Maybe some extra configurability to let those of us with that style pull in some of the layout structure from earlier versions into the sidebar. That's been most of our testers' experiences. We hope to address the rest of your issues soon. Seriously, who has a day to do that? A day! I would (almost) kill for a day; I would use it to sleep. Thank you for posting the link to the legacy version so I don't have to take that time right now! I really appreciate it.
  6. I so, so, so wish I had seen this before I let it upgrade. Previous upgrades have been good, so I didn't hesitate. But it was a mistake and I am swamped so having to go back and fix it is really bad timing for me. As much as it pains me, I have to agree: this update really undermines productivity. It feels like a misguided attempt at platform convergence. I don't see any reason that the mobile and desktop platforms should converge. One navigates completely differently. And as noted above, the absence of hierarchical tag listings is a bottleneck in workflow. And not being able to show both notebooks and tags in the sidebar is, too. The additional number of mouse actions (and scrolling time), adds up to a lot of wasted time very quickly. In an attempt to give it a chance, I tried to at least set up the new interface but I can't get what I need. So now I'm trying to figure out how to roll back. I do have the time machine backup from before it converted my notes. Anybody know if there are other concerns?
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