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  1. Problem for me, too. Any information available on the timeline on a fix? In the interim, is it possible to roll back to when it did print correctly? As others have said, this is a significant QC problem and a significant workflow impact.
  2. As I understand it, Evernote will be using Google's deep learning/machine learning APIs, among other things. Rich, can you comment further on this aspect and whether it will be possible to opt out from such features? I share Cal's position, which he describes very clearly (emphasis mine):
  3. Sadly, I'm another premium user who really dislikes the current sharing model. I use a workaround on the Mac client that helps a little: Keyboard shortcut to "Email a Copy..." returns the earlier behavior, and avoids inadvertently sharing or "chatting". The current Mac EN version of the clear in-note window "Share" button only offers Work Chat, but with email addresses (hey, how about you only show work chat for people with EN accounts, and Email to otherwise, because it's really misleading as is). That means it's very easy to fail to send a note that you think you've sent, as others in this thread have mentioned. So, I do not just want the ability to remove the chat icon from the top toolbar (which I did ASAP). I want 1) The option to disable Chat on all of my EN clients and get the screen space back 2) The ability to replace the in-note Share button/dropdown with an email button (or make it point directly to "Email a Copy...") or 3) Failing item 2, a way to remove the "Share" button/dropdown from the in-note window icons (currently reminder, present, annotate, info, trash, giant share). As long as I'm dreaming, I'd love for that toolbar to be configurable, also. This isn't petty design grousing. The change has caused problems in our workflow, whatever those who do not find it a problem may think. The people I am sharing my note with do not want to sign up for EN, nor do they want to click a separate link. Most of the purpose is so that they, too, have a record of our meeting, outcomes, tasks, etc. on their own system, so that when they search their own computers or email they find it. Yes, they *could* click a link, sign up for something, copy/download the note and file it. Or they could just leave it in their email as most of us do and find it when they search. I'm not going to ask colleagues and clients to spend yet more time on something that it doesn't, and shouldn't, need. I'm sad to see that apparently I only ever post when I hate something - I still miss EN3. I really do, in general, love evernote, and I advocate for others to use it. But I'm doing less of that now, and much of that has to do with the bloat. I still use it, I still love it (and I love that I can now clip into EN on iOS). Caroline (edit - typos)
  4. The last couple of posts reminded me that I said that when I had time I'd return to the v5 release to try and identify what was breaking my workflow. Sorry for the long post, but hopefully @jackalicous et al will find it useful. For everyone else, tl;dr: it slows me down by making me look for things/scroll. Before I list my dislikes, I want to thank the Evernote devs, especially @jackalicous, who have invited feedback, participated in the discussion, and made a real effort to return some of the more urgent features. While I am a premium user, I'm not sure that I'm really power user. I only have about 2300 notes at the moment, but in 20 notebooks (2 of them are stacks, so really closer to 30 notebooks) and about 45 tags. I don't come near my monthly upload limit and less than half of my notes have an image or attachement. I rolled back to v3.3.0 immediately after the v5 release and am still using it. I have also rolled back to the v4 iOS release (and I miss the stacks). I'm running the most recent version (updates applied) on another machine for comparison. I don't see myself migrating up any time soon based on the experience. The Evernote portion of my workflow is two-fold: collecting ideas and reference materials and managing projects and tasks. I use tags to incorporate some GTD aspects. Evernote (mac) is usually open in one workspace; I interact with it directly about 5 minutes per hour on average. In addition, I use browser clippers and a quicksilver routine to pipe notes into Evernote without disrupting the current activity. I use Evernote on both my iPhone and iPad, for the same uses and have used the iOS and Mac versions almost interchangeably. The only difference is because I can't clip easily from an iOS device, so I send to my evernote email. *MAC* Most of my complaints here come down to "adds an unacceptable amount of time to find or use what I need." - Configurable left display of notebooks and tags. This is the single biggest factor behind my decision to roll back, and it is a deal-breaker for me. I can show notebooks or tags in the left nav panel, but I can't show both and I can't set the placement of a pane separating them. While I do use a few saved searches, I need to see both notebooks and tags simultaneously, and I need to control how much of the navigation pane is allocated to each. I could forgive v3 not letting me put tags above notebooks. I use the combined notebook/tag view extensively to navigate, identify, or track. I rely heavily on selecting multiple tags while in one notebook to filter. Without that capability, everything grinds to a halt and the methods to get the same result take me much longer. - I use lots of drag and drop for note organization or sorting while envisioning and executing projects. Thanks for bringing that back. Of course, they're almost impossible to use, because of the above. - Search using the tag: and notebook: search strings. Nice to see them come back in the 5.0.1 release. While the tag: and notebook: search strings work, the ability to remove just one condition from the filters applied with a single click was extremely valuable. Having to redo searches just to remove one tag, e.g., is much much slower. It is also very difficult to find the notebook selection option for a search buried in the drop down. This was the next issue contributing to my decision to stay with v3.3. All that remains to upset me here: I may be missing it, but I do not see how to apply boolean conditions in searches. It was obvious in the earlier version. Also, the floating box that appears while the search field is active is really (!) irritating and blocks what I'm looking at (since my searches frequently stem from the currently selected note and its tags). - Inefficient card display for text notes. My notes are mostly text, so the card format isn't useful for me. I need to see the titles and preferably some of the main text, along with any tags used. - Poor use of screen real estate. Putting "All notes" (the notebook selection drop down menu) and the tag and view icons in the note area of the center pane is an egregious waste of my space to display notes. It's also redundant. I need to see many snippets at once and this takes away from that. It just adds insult to injury that there is so much empty space above those buttons. In fact, the amount of wasted space is rather frustrating. I'm usually on my 13" laptop, and a wasted vertical inch is not good design for constrained space. Much more scrolling and looking, fewer visible notes. - Fixed toolbar. Why isn't it possible for the user to configure the toolbar? I _want_ a delete note button up there. -Conflation of time "Today" and tag "today." In the snippets view, it is difficult to differentiate between the time stamp (and "Today" is not useful for the current day; time would be more informative) and tags that have been applied. I'm sure I'm not the only person who has a "today" tag. - Lack of aesthetics. The white note-grey spacious surround is ugly (sorry, guys). The white-on-black sidebar is also very difficult to read. And though I hate to admit it, I like some of the skeumorphic elements from v3. I found v3 very nearly perfect. *iOS* Most of my complaints here come down to "too much of the very limited space is wasted." I haven't let my iTunes update the app since shortly after the release, so some of these may be fixed, but I don't have a way to check easily. I was very happy to see that stacks were now handled, and I do miss that since I rolled back. - The persistent "recent notes" is terrible on multiple grounds: 1) just because things are temporally close does not mean that they are conceptually related; 2) big waste of space; and 3) not everything I put in Evernote is work related and I really don't need to see my grocery list most of the time (even if I edit it frequently). If you must do that, give the user an option to turn it off. - No snippet view when a note is selected or when editing (both of which I want to be able to see when I'm working) - Information density too low, lots and lots of wasted space. The cards are only useful for image-heavy notes. - The file tabs or whatever they are supposed to be are really very irritating since they are almost always in the way, can be difficult to navigate, and assume a completely flat way of interacting with the database. - Extremely difficult to get through notes or locate one among many. My ipad is not a toy, and I need to get to my information quickly and sort out the stuff I really need.**** Removing functionality in favor of pretty is a mistake, as is prioritizing pretty over efficient use of resources. In this case that means screen real estate. The iOS release fails dramatically here. And then on top of that it's exceedingly difficult to navigate if one has more than about 5 notes. The desktop app also squanders screen space. As somebody else pointed out, the screen on a 13" laptop isn't hugely different space-wise to a tablet. I stand by my earlier statement that this update feels like a misguided attempt for cross-device convergence. I'm one of those people who'd rather converge to the desktop version than to the tablet. However, I also think that the iOS release is headed the wrong way as well, certainly for me and for a not insignificant number of your premium user base (judging by the fora). The android screen shots that have been posted seem much better at providing inclusive, navigable handling. My 2 cents, finally. Much of the disconnect seems to be along two axes: a UI targeted to casual users with fewer notes and an assumption of a fairly non-hierarchical organizational structure. If one's filing isn't flat, this version makes it much slower to navigate. If you must, keep the monochromatic scheme (blech), but allow more advanced users to set options to recover the functionality that was in the previous version (and put all of it back). -ct
  5. @dataminer: I'm glad that you were able to roll back successfully. I'm quite happy with my older version. As long as I can run it, I don't see myself changing programs.
  6. Quick drive by to say: I will spend some time with the new version after this set of deadlines and see if I can elucidate specifically the things that are crashing my workflow. However, that sort of feedback is probably more appropriate for the thread about the user experience not working (i.e. http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/31553-think-very-carefully-before-upgrading-to-50-its-a-poorer-experience/) _This_ thread is a concrete I-have-a-problem-I-need-a-fix-now thread, and people reading it are going to be looking for that specific thing. You could always add a link and say "tell us why you're unhappy in this ongoing thread, we're listening." But make it easy to tell that an interim fix for those of us desperate and on fire is in this thread. Thanks. And thanks for paying attention and responding.
  7. I'm not sure that's true - I _thought_ there was a v4.x series, but now can't find any history of it except for iOS, nor, apparently, did NightStalker (who points to 3.3.0 rel 300201). Perhaps 3x was the last update series? ETA: Last release mention for the Mac client on the blog is for 3.3.1.
  8. @jackolicious, could you add [solved] to the subject on the thread? I don't appear to be able to edit it, and you and NightStalker have given me what I need, and what others doing the same search would need. Thank you both. ETA: I saved backups of my Evernote directory ($path/Evernote) a couple places and left the directory itself unchanged. Removed the v5 app bundle from /Applications, installed the 30021 release linked above (from the evernote legacy link in my case), and launched the new program. It opened as though I hadn't ever installed the update (not even any real "processing" time, though there was a lot going to 5), and my repository is perfectly intact. Brilliant. Thanks, guys.
  9. This! Exactly this. I do feel a bit like it has to do with our particular workflow styles (which from your comments seem similar). I haven't hit bugs so much as a broken workflow, so it doesn't feel beta to me. On the other hand, I do concur on providing the older versions, not just for those of us who are premium but for anybody who needs them (I know a lot of students who don't feel like they can afford premium but still rely on evernote, and end of term is coming fast). Maybe with a great big caveat about database corruption and backups. -ct
  10. I think I'm noticing a pattern in who doesn't like/is struggling with the new UI. Seems to me to be a subset of people with a particular, hierarchical or n-d workflow. We're not going to be served very well by something that mimics the more 2-d mobile-ish workflow (ie the absence of stacks in the mobile version was a problem for many). Maybe some extra configurability to let those of us with that style pull in some of the layout structure from earlier versions into the sidebar. That's been most of our testers' experiences. We hope to address the rest of your issues soon. Seriously, who has a day to do that? A day! I would (almost) kill for a day; I would use it to sleep. Thank you for posting the link to the legacy version so I don't have to take that time right now! I really appreciate it.
  11. Thank you thank you thank you! No support needed -- I will save intermediate backups. Do I need to worry about a mismatch between databases for 3 and 4?
  12. (posted this to the wrong thread earlier) I (and I'm sure many others) have backups of the pre-conversion database. So if I can get the older package I can revert seamlessly -- that's what backups are for. And while I did my best to make the new UI functional (for me!), it wasn't possible. Yes, I dragged things over, yes I explored the options with the time available to me. No, it doesn't do what I need, and I don't have time now to keep trying to make it. I use Evernote because I am overwhelmingly busy, the kind of busy that means I spend 14 -20 hours a day working right now, and I like to use the those other hours to do things like sleep or bathe --- and Evernote is invaluable for me. I need it to work for me now; I can go back later. Note that I'm not asking for rewrite of the new interface to make me happy. I'm asking for the old version. That's it. Please? (Yes, I know I shouldn't have upgraded without checking further during a major crunch. A rookie mistake.)
  13. Thanks for the response. While I know it's not helpful, the answer to that question at the moment is "it doesn't do what I want" -- I just cannot take the time to play with it now. Literally, no time. I need it to just work the way I'm used to (yes, it was incredibly stupid of me to upgrade something mission critical during a crunch; I know better, apparently I needed reminding). I have a backup (of course) of the pre-conversion database. I just need the old package.
  14. [ETA: SOLVED -- LINK BELOW] Please! I don't see where to get anything but the newest release (v5), but I hate it and while I sure it has redeeming qualities I absolutely do not have time to learn them. Does anyone know where to get let last v4.x release? I don't see other versions posted. Help. Please!
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