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  1. Problem for me, too. Any information available on the timeline on a fix? In the interim, is it possible to roll back to when it did print correctly? As others have said, this is a significant QC problem and a significant workflow impact.
  2. As I understand it, Evernote will be using Google's deep learning/machine learning APIs, among other things. Rich, can you comment further on this aspect and whether it will be possible to opt out from such features? I share Cal's position, which he describes very clearly (emphasis mine):
  3. Sadly, I'm another premium user who really dislikes the current sharing model. I use a workaround on the Mac client that helps a little: Keyboard shortcut to "Email a Copy..." returns the earlier behavior, and avoids inadvertently sharing or "chatting". The current Mac EN version of the clear in-note window "Share" button only offers Work Chat, but with email addresses (hey, how about you only show work chat for people with EN accounts, and Email to otherwise, because it's really misleading as is). That means it's very easy to fail to send a note that you think you've sent, as others in thi
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