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  1. The drawback of the iOS iBooks-method: Hyperlinks or urls in a ENnote are no hyperlinks anymore. They are changed in plain text. :-(
  2. Same problem here with OS X Yosemite 10.10.1. :-(
  3. Ad 1: Yep. that is exactly how I handle it now. Ad 2: When I key in a new tag name my Mac forces me to start with a capital. My work around is to repeat the first character in lowercase and complete the tag name and delete the first character afterwards before I hit the return key.
  4. When adding a new (i.e. non-existing) tag to an EN note my Mac starts the tag in upper case. Recently I decided recently to use only lower case tags. Is there a way in AppleScript to bulk rename the existing tags to lower case? How can i prevent my Mac from creating tag(s) starting in upper case?
  5. The Evernote user should have the option to bulk erase unused tags. Let him/her decide to use that option.
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