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  1. The desktop client for Mac has a keyboard shortcut for inserting a table (Cmd + Shift + L). The Windows client has never had a shortcut for this, to my knowledge. I use tables all the time, and find it very cumbersome and time consuming to press Alt, O, T, selecting number of rows and columns in the dialog and then press Enter. I regularly mess up something, like pressing the combination of keys too fast, etc. The overall quality of the desktop client for Windows seems to have improved over the last 6 months or so. I am thankful for that.
  2. Actually, I was too quick to conclude that clearing the user data helped. I was unable to reproduce the issue shortly after, but after a restart of Evernote (following a reboot of the computer), it had returned! Furthermore, I am seeing the same issue on five diferent computers, running the desktop client on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. The most annoying aspect of this is that it also happens while I'm searching for notes, as I enter the search text. That causes the search box to lose focus, and I have to give it focus again. When entering a rather long and cumbersome search string, this is enough to anger me greatly. Still happening in 5.5.3!
  3. Well, the issue seems to be gone after resetting all user data (%localappdata%\evernote\evernote and HKCU\Software\Evernote) and performing a complete resync. Shouldn't be necessary to do that, but in my opinion this is not "serious" enough to create a support ticket about it. Anyway, if others should see the same, clearing user data should help.
  4. Greetings. After upgrading to Evernote for Windows, I receive a popup saying "Read-only access" and "You cannot edit this note because it is in a read-only shared notebook" every time I select a notebook, and sometimes when I open notes. (PS: I never use the note panel, I open notes as separate windows) I do not have any joined notebooks in my account currently, only my own personal notebooks. No business notebooks either. The message is therefore erroneous, and this looks like a bug. It doesn't stop me from doing what I need to do, but it is indeed annoying. Do others see the same thing? I haven't tried deleting the local cache and rebuilding the local database files yet, but I might consider that if it's a rare symptom.
  5. Evernote 5 has indeed been very unstable. It seems that this is a problem on all the computers I've used it on. In most cases, I have upgraded from an existing v4 client, but even on a clean install have I encountered several crashes. It happens particularly often during tagging of notes and during sync, especially when trying to navigate through notebooks or tagging while a sync operation is in progress (which is hard to avoid considering that syncs are triggered in the background automatically). I hope Evernote is not assuming that all users who experience problems bother to report it. Only the most enthusiastic users are likely to do that.
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