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  1. Thanks Guru, I recognize there is a way to do it. It just shouldn't require three clicks through menu options. It is a basic feature used by tons of people so it should be on the quick links share menu. I realize there is groupthink at Evernote and they are trying to make everyone else drink the Koolaid that emailing is bad and therefore they make it laborious for emailers to do so. It shouldn't take anything for Evernote to add email to the quick sharing links. It is just bad business to make your customers frustrated with your product over, and over, and over again every time they do a
  2. PLEASE add back the share by email to the share note drop down menu. You piss me off every time I have to email a note to someone. Quit trying to dictate my behavior by forcing me to use your stupid work chat feature. There is not a single person I want to send a note to using that platform! Argh, you are as annoying as Apple dictating how users should use the product. Eventually I'm going to call it quits on my Pro subscription over this.
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