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  1. Seems that different people are seeing different effects from the latest iOS update. I'm sure Evernote tested and retested the update. But my experience with software development tells me that "stuff happens" - stuff that is totally outside of what can be tested for. For example, Evernote is slow on my iPad, but fast on my iPhone. And slow on your iPhone, Gallagher. So that kind of variability means a fix will take a while. Longer than the 3 days that Shaun evidently expects. This isn't caused by a typo in the programming code, it's a lot more complex. It's important to make these things
  2. My iPad Air is experiencing slow response: i tap a note card in the left column. The title of the note appears relatively quickly, but the body of the note lags about a second or two before displaying. This is new since the updated interface. Before I had no complaints about response. Felt very fast. On the otherhand, Evernote is still fast on my iPhone SE. Maybe its a difference in processors? Both are working with offline notebooks. I tried turning off offline notebooks and the reenabling but it didn't make a difference. That said, i might. Ot have waited long enough for the iPad
  3. Thanks for reply. So I'm inferring that a personal account gets set up no matter what email address is entered. And ... if the person later leaves the company, that he can change the login email to keep his personal evernote. Does tha sound right?
  4. Here is the text from the business help. This is for new users. If you're a new user, you’ll need to create a brand new Evernote account. Enter your personal email address, type in your full name, create a password, and click Join the Business. Your new Evernote account will automatically be joined to your company's Evernote account. That's the bit I'm worried about. what if they don't have a personal email address. Back in the day, evernote had usernames. Can that still be used - in lieu of an email address?
  5. We will be rolling out evernote business to about 25 users. Here's a scenario I'm worried about. These 25 users have email addresses from our business. Some of them have no other email address. When we send out an invitation, they are asked (I think) to enter a personal email address for logging in. This is so (I think) they will be able to create a personal Evernote. So what do we do with people who have no personal email address? Are they out of luck for having a personal evernote. Thanks for any clarification.
  6. Maybe we need to define what we expect to happen with a "locked" notebook. 1. We already have private vs public settings. 2. We have the ability to segregate information into separate notebooks. 3. We have the ability to encrypt text strings within notes. What would you expect with a locked notebook? a. password-protected access for viewing. Password needed to lock and unlock? b. Encryption of the contents of the notebook? ( I wouldn't need this. For passwords, etc, I use another program) c. Hiding contents of the notebook from searches? (This is the feature
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