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  1. You can’t currently set your font to a variant (Light, Bold, etc). This is a known bug. This was not possible in 5.5.2 either. What version did you use to create those previously existing notes? I'm sorry. I don't know which version I was using before. It's (obviously) the direct download version and I have it set to update automatically. It didn't in this case, however. I read an article about an update and asked it to check for updates manually so I could get it. As long as it's a known bug that's fine. It isn't a huge problem :-) Thanks for the help and clarification :-) Elizabeth
  2. Hi everyone, I haven't seen anyone else mention this problem, so it's probably me and not the software, but I'll mention it anyway. Since upgrading to 5.6 I can't change fonts using the font box (command-T). I can change the font family and the font size without any problems. Some of the typefaces work (bold and italic) but the others don't. Sometimes it looks as though they're selected even though nothing has changed; other times the selection "jumps" back to either medium, bold or italic. The specific one I was trying to use is Helvetica Neue - Light (or Ultralight). Neither of them change in the note I'm editing. Notes that have been formatted using those fonts before the 5.6 update appear just fine. I can also edit those notes and have the original fonts work without a problem. I just can't change them. Any suggestions? Am I doing something daft? :-) I'm using Evernote 5.6.0 on OS X 10.9.5 - to my knowledge everything is up-to-date, the computer has been restarted, and I'm not having font problems in any other programs. Thanks :-) Elizabeth
  3. Hold that thought... I've figured it out :-) Searches are now case sensitive. So for a notebook named "Test" if I type notebook:test it gives me everything (I would expect it to give me nothing, but that's OK). If I type notebook:Test it gives me everything in the Test notebook as expected. Problem solved. Thanks everyone :-) EDIT: I guess that means I'd better go through my notebooks and tags and make sure everything is either capitalised or not, 'cause I'll NEVER remember which is which off the top of my head! LOL
  4. Hi everyone, I need some help with the search system in Evernote 5.0. I'm typing the query rather than using the drop down options that bring up the grey "lozenges". I used to type in to the search box notebook:x tag:y to give me all notes tagged y that are in notebook x. I can't seem to get it to work in the new Evernote. It shows me all notes tagged y irrespective of what notebook they're in. I've done some testing and it seems to be the notebook end of the search that's giving me trouble, but only in some notebooks. For some notebooks the search notebook:x brings up all notes within that notebook, which is what I would expect. For other notebooks, it brings up every single note in my collection! I can't work out the difference between the notebooks that work and the notebooks that don't work - it doesn't seem to matter whether they're at the top level or in a stack, whether they've been updated/changed/renamed since the upgrade, whether they have one or more words in the name, how many notes they contain, etc. I'm a bit stumped - I'm not a techie particularly! It's not the end of my world; it works just fine with the dropdown lozenge options (so far); it just takes a bit longer. Is this behaviour a bug or is the notebook search syntax no longer supported/changed? Thanks, Elizabeth
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