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  1. I'd like a new note, rather than just adding all of my "to do's" to one Evernote note. However, this comment suggests the problem lies more with Amazon than Evernote. Maybe Amazon needs another category of things to capture besides shopping lists and to do items; they need an "ideas" or "comments" category also.
  2. I'd like to be able to dictate a note to my Amazon Echo Alexa-enabled devices and have that note posted to an Evernote notebook. I sometimes have ideas for blog posts while I'm falling asleep. I have an Alexa-enabled device at my bedside and would like to be able to tell Alexa to make a note of the idea.
  3. I am not a frequent user of Evernote, perhaps because of issues such as this. I don't use reminders a lot, but when I do try to use them, I'm always frustrated. I can't see reminders on the internet version at all. On my iPad, I can only see four of what Evernote says are 28. I've got a reminder that shows up on my Android phone for today that I can't re-set to tomorrow and I can't find it on my iPad or Internet version. How about a simple version of Evernote, that does less, but makes it easy to use across all devices?
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