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  1. @Nimh - No, you can type of course, but the handwriting does not work directly into Evernote as of yet After playing with this thing for a few days, it has become evident that it could be a KILLER piece of hardware if the right apps come along. I have been looking at two: "Lecture Notes" and "Quill". "Lecture Notes" seems to be the one I'd choose as far as functionality + ease of use, but they both are lacking with their Evernote integration. I am going to write a letter to the devs... such a nice program, but the notebooks dont sync with your Evernote notebooks (sends the pages to default book), and if you modify one instead of modifying the evernote "note", it sends up entirely brand new pages...ugh
  2. Hey guys, any luck so far? Ive got one too... the writing is a pleasure but SNote upload to evernote is a horror. It uploads attachments just as my galaxy note phone did (does). This tihng isn't going to work out for me at all if I cannot upload my handwriting in image format to be OCRd by Evernote servers. The writing feels great. So much potential here. Are there other apps out there that Im not aware of? Any help is appreciated thanks!
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