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  1. I am resisting the upgrade to 5 until there is a reason for me to do so. This reason would be reminders. I use the horizontal and vertical list views and as reminders are not available in this view yet there is no reason for me to upgrade. Consider this a +1 on the request for reminders in the list views.
  2. I have the doxie go set up to send files directly to EN via wifi. The doxie works really well except that the battery life is pretty woeful. I can usually scan about 50 sheets before it dies. I was also surprised that it doesn't come with a power adapter. It's great for every day scanning but not ideal for big scanning jobs. The work flow is blissfully easy. Turn on. Feed in paper and it is in my EN inbox within a minute. I just use jpeg and the EN OCR does the job. If I have multiple pages I just merge the notes in EN.
  3. I am not sure I get your point. Are you suggesting that getting evernot to do too much will make it too slow? I was generally suggesting suggesting refinements to the way you control, access & edit information, rather than add ons.
  4. I have been using EN for a couple of months now on iPhone, iPad & Win 7 and it is certainly a great system but it still has a number of aspects that could be improved to make it more efficient & more powerful. I have compiled a number of feature requests in the hope that EN staff monitor these forums: The ability to order each notebook by separate criteria and have EN remember your preference across all apps. i.e. I want some notebooks ordered by date and others by title and it would save changing the view order when constantly swapping between notebooks. Unify the way Evernote handles favourites across all platforms. Font control in iPad and iPhone. Option to change note created date on iPhone & iPad. Edit encrypted text in iPhone app. Assign notebooks to stacks in iPhone app. Order notes by subject in ipad app. The ability to pin notes to the top of a list in all apps. Built in URL shortener for auto shortening URLs over a certain length. Stacks in iPad app. Stop the iPad app from crashing 10-20 times a day. In fact the iPad app needs to be completely rewritten. Could there be a way to link notes with google / outlook contacts? i.e a special contacts notebook or tag that is monitored and synced with the aforementioned services. (Zapier can create new google contacts when a new note is created but it isn't a proper sync as it doesn't update the contact when changes are made in the note).
  5. I have this same problem. I have logged a ticket for this issue. As I am not yet premium (although I have paid) it states that my issue is a lower priority that the premium account. I expected an instant upgrade. This isn't a good start! I am evaluating Evernote against its competitors and so far, although it looks promising it looks to be a bit rough round the edges. My ticket is Ticket # 16051-140196.
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