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  1. Personally, I would *love* to be able to go back to the V4 UI. It seems to me to be more friendly and space efficient, and generally allow one to work more effectively. In particular I agree with AHD regarding that seemingly vast expanse of panel above the note - I feel like I have to look quite a ways down from the top of the window just to find where my note starts. An option to collapse the panel in whole or in part - as was available in V4 - would be wonderful. In general there just seems to be more white space then necessary, around many elements.
  2. Yes, thank you NJ. Just posting to say I have tried your suggestion over the last few weeks and it does help a lot. One caveat for those trying it - it removes table formatting so you might not want to use it if you have tables in the note. I find this relatively minor though and so far find this an excellent workaround.
  3. Are there plans at all, to fix this? It's really frustrating...
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