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  1. Honesty, I'm a little worried that evernote is dying I know the EN ambassadors will give infinite workarounds and excuses but people have been asking for this feature for years for reasons even EN themselves acknowledge as major requirements. The fact that the mobile apps already function this way is almost as if to mock. Some bloke, on his own, added this feature to his open source project, which he does for free, in his spare time, in 2011 https://www.evernote.com/pub/baumgarr/nevernote#st=p&n=f1dcf228-2846-4228-8bc3-f It may always have been EN's desire not to allow this ability (to stop people actually using their 10GB a month would be my guess), in which case I wish they would just say so, so many of us can stop wasting our time hoping for it.
  2. Bit bonkers that its missing, even this forum editor has a strikethough option! ctrl + cmd + k toggles strikethrough on the selected text. Bit of a combo to remember but thats enough for me
  3. Yep I can imagine that being a problem TB. What should happen is that the receipt has a barcode/number on it which when scanned for refund, marks it refunded centrally. That would beat the counterfeiters I guess we're some ways off such systems though atm
  4. Sorry to resurrect such an old topic, but having similar concerns to OP, I just wanted to provide an example of how going paperless can sometimes bite you in the bum. In 2009-2010 me and my wife applied to get spousal visa in the UK (she's Australian). A big part of such an application is proof of being together over a sustained period. It doesn't matter how green or great you think paperless is when faced with a UKBA that considers scans, duplicates or print-outs absolutely inadmissible, positively no exceptions (They're like that about everything, almost as if to make it such a difficult process, you'll just give up ) I've been using paperless banking for years now (on-line only) and paper statements were one of the requirements. For all of the banks bleating on about doing their bit, saving the environment and how paperless is a benefit to the consumer, they took 4 months and charged me over £130 to get 2 years worth of back statements which would of otherwise been acquired for free and sitting in my drawer. This isn't a dig at the concept, I'm just about to delve into it myself, but I'm not sure all paper copies will be heading straight for the bin just yet
  5. Got my shiny 1300i just today and had the exact same issue. Fixed it by going to Settings -> Application and choosing 'Scan to Evernote (Document)' rather than 'Scan to Evernote (Note)', which I'd selected previously. When you change the application, it also resets all your settings so in the 'File Option' tab, check the All Pages radio button, then apply. ---- Quick question of my own for owners out there... Should I be checking the 'Convert to searchable PDF' option? Or will a premium evernote account do that for me? EDIT: Got my answer, evernote does it for you but I will continue to self parse for my own backups
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