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  1. Honesty, I'm a little worried that evernote is dying I know the EN ambassadors will give infinite workarounds and excuses but people have been asking for this feature for years for reasons even EN themselves acknowledge as major requirements. The fact that the mobile apps already function this way is almost as if to mock. Some bloke, on his own, added this feature to his open source project, which he does for free, in his spare time, in 2011 https://www.evernote.com/pub/baumgarr/nevernote#st=p&n=f1dcf228-2846-4228-8bc3-f It may always have been EN's desire not to allow this ability (to stop people actually using their 10GB a month would be my guess), in which case I wish they would just say so, so many of us can stop wasting our time hoping for it.
  2. Bit bonkers that its missing, even this forum editor has a strikethough option! ctrl + cmd + k toggles strikethrough on the selected text. Bit of a combo to remember but thats enough for me
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