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  1. The content changed after I pasted it.I'm not talking about Word...I'm only focusing on Evernote and I don't recall seeing any options on pasting.
  2. I inserted a pre-existing template and changed the text then added links to most of them. When I selected the table to copy and paste it, the pasted table didn't look like the original. The font size was different (inconsistent) while most of the text was bold.
  3. Sync doesn't appear to be effecting the text as I just opened the note with the table and the first 4 rows are blurry.
  4. I have a table with several rows and 2 columns. I noticed that when I'm typing on the 6th row and pause for 5 seconds, that the text in rows 1 thru 3 will become blurry. Once I resume typing then the text is clear. I tried the following to resolve the DPI: Properties - Compatibility - Change High DPI settings - Program DPI (Checked) - Open Advanced scaling - Let Windows try to fix ... - Use the DPI that's set... - I signed into Windows Does anyone know how to fix this issue? (308300) Prerelease (CE Build ce-62.1.7539)
  5. I"m not sure of the name but on my Android phone, the Phone app has a thin list of the alphabet and the first letter of each unique contact is enabled, when the user taps D, for example, the app scrolls to the start of the D contacts. I'd like to see this feature added to Android.
  6. I created a table using the Windows version and when I look at the table in Android, it's squished. Phone: Samsung Galaxy Note 4; Android v5.1.1
  7. I created a table using the Windows version and when I look at the table in Android, it's squished. Phone: Samsung Galaxy Note 4; Android v5.1.1
  8. Issue #1 I updated the Note on my Windows phone then waited 5 minutes but the shortcut was not updated. I then updated the Note on my Android phone and then the shortcut was updated. Expected: When I update the Windows account, the Android account and all shortcuts should be updated as well. Actual: When I update the Windows account, the Android account and all shortcuts were not updated Issue #2 The shortcut needs to be auto updated to be of real use. Having to do the extra steps of 1) update the app then 2) see the changes in the shortcut are unnecessary steps.
  9. I recently created a Home screen shortcut for a Note on my Android phone. Issue #1 When I updated the Note in the Windows version and waited a while, the shortcut was never updated. The ONLY way around this is to open the app, sync, then go back to the shortcut which defeats the purpose of the shortcut so this HAS to be fixed. Issue #2 The In the shortcut under Settings, there's no Sync option.
  10. I copied an image from the browser and pasted it into a note. Unfortunately Evernote pasted the URL instead of the image.
  11. When I'm viewing all notes, and I have a lot of them, it's time consuming to scroll through the entire list. Instead, you should display a list of letters vertically on the right-side of the notes. The user can click on a letter and the app will jump to the selected notes that begin with the selected letter.
  12. Under Settings, There are two options I'd like to see added in the Android app version of Evernote. 1. When the app starts, what Notebook or notes to show. Personally I want to see my To Do list which is a shortcut I created. 2. Remember my sort choices across all devices. You have the bad habit of resetting my sort to your default which I hate. I don't even have the option to sort on the app which is crazy.
  13. I'm not sure if this is a Web Clipper enhancement or one for another of your programs. When I clip a recipe and it's saved into Evernote/Evernote Food, I'd like the option to create a grocery/shopping list of the ingredients.
  14. When I use web clipper for some recipes on my recipes.com or eatingwell.com, sometimes the program will correctly grabs the photo and other related information but in one instances, it didn't grab the photo. I understand that not all web page layouts are the same so I'd like to know that your team is working to make it better. In particular, I'd love to have the ability to specify what table headers (if used), are included in the clip and which ones to reject. Specifically, when I"m clipping a recipe, I only need a few pieces of information: - the image of the disk - The description includes servings and prep & total time. - The Ingredients and the instructions. - Nutritional information Most if not all of the other UI elements aren't of any interest to me so having the ability to cherry pick would make me more efficient.
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