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  1. Is there an easy way to know which files are missing? I just got the number missing by using Get Info in the finder. Don't know which ones. I don't think I had any local notebooks. I had a few that I set up years ago, but I don't think I ever even knew local was a possibility.
  2. Thanks - you were both right. I found another thread suggesting deleting a particular folder from the Library which I assume is the database. I did that (well, moved it to the desktop) and was able to launch Evernote successfully. I logged in and let it sync. Things seemed to work well, but if I compare those folders, I find 8891 files are missing. I guess I need to compare the sub-folders to figure out what's missing. I'm sure there's a utility for that somewhere.
  3. Using Mac OS 10.12.6 / not sure of Evernote version... Yesterday, Evernote crashed. I tried to relaunch, it crashed again. I rebooted, it crashed again. I did all this again, still no luck. I found this page on troubleshooting steps which basically left me with uninstall/reinstall. I deleted the app as instructed and went to the app store to re-download. It wouldn't let me, because it says it's not compatible with my version of the OS. Tried downloading from evernote website. Downloads no problem, won't run for same reason. Searched evernote website. Found that it is compa
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