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  1. I would like to download Evernote from this site and not from the App Store. I spent much time in the summer over the Save problem. I was sent the direct link to the download the app and everything was fine. I now have a new computer and would like to install Evernote but can't find the link. Please help! Thanks.
  2. I also lost the Save to Evernote option in my Print window in Mail. I tried some suggestions from this forum. I find that the shortcut (in Preferences) for Paste to Evernote (Cmd Control V) works well. I may even get used to it. I am running the MacApp Store Evernote and don't want to reinstall from the Evernote site. I did that and it caused a duplication of my notebooks, etc. I see this is not a good solution. Still working on this.
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