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  1. Opened support ticket 258384 complete with before-and-after screenshots showing note formatting getting munged.
  2. I'm also encountering the disappearing check boxes issue when editing a note on android. Lost a several-hundred line checklist which cost me a lot of time and frustration. Before editing, some items were checked and some not. When I closed the note and then reopened it to make additional edits all the checkboxes were gone. So all the status information was lost. Looked for an undo or revert command but didn't see anything. I can replicate it every time. Create a new note on windows version, add several checkboxed lines, sync to android and edit the note there -- after reopening the checkboxes are gone. Tried various android keyboards, same problem. I'm not sure why the evangelists keep defending Evernote on this. It's not just about differences between platforms, which are understandable. It's not that the feature behaves or appears different, it's that the android app occasionally kills user data. That's a bug, and a pretty bad one at that. And it's been buggy ever since I started using the android version, well over a year ago. If a feature isn't reliable, REMOVE IT FROM THE PRODUCT! Or at least put a big disclaimer somewhere telling users they might lose data if they edit their note in the android app.
  3. I've been bitten too many times with EN updates breaking things. Not just betas, but full production releases as well. Would love to apply this patch but despite what's promised it doesn't seem like the stated bugs are actually fixed. And who knows what new problems will be introduced. I already have to use kludgy workarounds to deal with bugs and mobile device limitations -- don't want to have to figure out new ones. I love the product vision for Evernote, but the execution seems poor. Too fragile, too many new bugs introduced, new features added while core features still not working properly -- it all undermines trust. I'm now actively investigating Onenote, Springpad and other services to see if they're more robust. They may not have the same breadth of features as Evernote, but as long as they have the features I need -- and aren't continuously being broken by the development process -- that's what matters.
  4. +1 for this feature, having just accidentally changed a note that I didn't want to. By the way, the combination of Auto Title and a Ctrl-Z undo feature that doesn't work make it too easy to accidentally modify a note inadvertently. Definitely a read-only attribute that we can turn on or off for specific notes would be a big help.
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