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  1. Has there been a definitive answer to whether nested tags are on the roadmap or not?
  2. I suggest customizable keyboard shortcuts that allow users to setup their own to mirror their own needs whether it be same as gmail or vim
  3. I really love Evernote, especially the awesome web clipper and android app. I run linux so I only have access to the web version. The new web ui looks nice but is not functional as many others have detailed. My primary complaint is the lack of nesting in the tag structure and missing saved searches. I just discovered that Google Drive folders still behave as tags. I found this blog post describing that you only need to hold down the ctrl key to select multiple folders (tags) http://www.techulator.com/resources/6212-Multiple-Labels-feature-from-Google-Docs-goes-missing-Google-Drive.aspx I also added the Save to Google drive chrome extension to compare to evernote web clipper.
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