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  1. Case closed. I got a reply from the support team: This is likely due to macOS' Catalina's new Screen Recording permissions. Please go to System Preferences > Security and Privacy > Privacy and scroll down to screen recording. After this check the box for Evernote and try taking a screenshot again. That fixed it. But now I'm skilled in MacOS shortcuts too, so that's a positive on the total! Thanks to PinkElephant and DTLow for their kind assistance.
  2. Thanks to you both. Have now a Support-ticket no. I will go with the std Mac OS key combinations - they should be enough (I hope) for the paper.
  3. Did not know about this. did a unsuccessful search with "clipper" on my Mac, what's it called? Maybe I can do my fixes with it on my report and calm down in the mean time and prepare my EN clipper afterwards, without time pressure cortisol highs...
  4. Did not work. Just getting more annoyed... have to do something else to reset myself.... f**k. So**y. 🙂
  5. Thanks. Just updated Catalina, to no avail. Not sure about the sequence of settings AND restarting, done those separately at least, but doing it next... quite annoying "feature" I have captured here...
  6. Hi Fellow Evernote users I tried to search this issue, did not find anything on this... I'm using my new MB Air since yesterday where my old Pro screen died... however I'm encountering the following: The Evernote-helper pinned on the taskbar (nor ctrl+cmd+C) has an interesting bug... it clips through all the open programs, and takes a pic of my desktop underneath!? Does not matter what program is open. What's going on? Tried booting and playing with the settings...Reinstall the EN program? Luckily I was counting on this feature to help me on a report I'm writing
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