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  1. This is a critical problem for at least some users, regardless of OS. Let's do it! There are actually two standard UI conventions missing: Confirmation of deleting a file. Ability to undo any critical change; OR if undo is not available, a warning saying you cannot undo this deletion before you delete it. Here's a typical [anti-]use case It's happened to me many times, but mainly when I'm on my big monitors with multiple apps open. Open your email client to check mail. Open Evernote on the same screen. Click the note you want to work on in a List Pane (the list of notes). Turn your attention away from Evernote. Return your attention to your email. Hit the delete key to delete the currently displayed email message. You have just deleted a note in Evernote! No warning. No confirmation and no way to undo or revert your changes. Your best hope is to quickly quit Evernote without syncing, go to your online Evernote client (or some other Evernote client) and email the lost note to yourself.
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