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  1. Thank you Austin! That fixed the problem. But what is this option used for?
  2. Not sure. Everything seems to be there but the shortcuts. And yes, the synchro icon still shows an error. Shortcuts synchro is checked in my settings. And don't forget that I am actually reinstalling a machine on which Evernote used to work perfectly before. And anyway, I still get an error, so something seems to go wrong...
  3. I've just done it: Revo Uninstall of EN and then reinstall EN. I got exactly the same result: the synchro goes up to 100% with an error and no shortcuts. Another idea?
  4. Hello, I recently had to reinstall my computer and then Evernote. Since I've done that I have a synchornization issue. It seems to go up to the end, according to the log. As a result : - The log tells Synchornization error - The Synchro icon shows an error - The Shortcuts are not synchronized. This is my second computer. Everything goes well on the first one. Here are the last few lines from the log file : 18:43:25 [INFO ] [10192] [3100] 100% Submitting a batch of 311 note calls, size=214 KB 18:43:59 [INFO ] [10192] [17896] 100% Submitting a batch of 373 note calls, size=473 KB 18:44:01 [INFO ] [10192] [15976] Client synchronization finished, status: failed 18:44:01 [INFO ] [10192] [15976] * elapsed time: 8m 16s 18:44:01 [INFO ] [10192] [15976] * 294 items received 18:44:31 [INFO ] [10192] [7152] Registered session count: 1, last session: 2017/11/01 18:30:00 I tried to reinstall Evernote with no better success. I also tried various fixes (from Ctrl-Help menu) on the first computer, but no changes. Any idea of what I can do to fix that problem? Thank you. Patrick
  5. OK, I found a solution. After playing a little bit with the table, trying to move columns, etc. Then I close the note and when I come back on it, it is OK. I will just have to do that with all my tables... :-)
  6. Thanks for your answer. Nope, I don't have that option.
  7. Hello, I upgraded to 6.6 yesterday and I now have a big problem with tables. I am now unable to resize columns as, when I move the mouse over the separation line between two columns, the green line appears several centimeters to the right of the mouse. Thus, I can't click on it to drag it. I'm not totally sure, but it seems to append only on existing tables. Any idea? Thanks Patrick
  8. OK, the iPhone database is synchronised as well. Thanks, Patrick
  9. Yes, I know what they are supposed to be used for, but the fact is that I didn't create it and just forgot about it. Anyway, it doesn't explain why I couldn't download the database on my new machine :-)
  10. I finally found the notes that did not sync. It was a (local ?) notebook called Evernote Help that existed since the beginning. I deleted it and now everything seems to sync perfectly. I still don't know why it didn't sync the first time. I am also wandering about the mobile version. Do you know how to cound the notes on a mobile evernote (iPhone) ? Thanks Patrick
  11. Just checked the web version. Actually I have 5255 notes on local (made some changes since the first post) and only 5233 on the web side. It seems that some local notes aren't sent to the server. First, I would like to try your temp tag trick from the server side, but do you know of a way to add the same tag on all notes on the web version?
  12. Thanks a lot for your ideas. I tried the first one (with the temp tag) but it didn't work : After I synchronised the old installation, I got only 270 notes having the Temp tag! No idea why... I finally decided to copy the Evernote Database directory from the old computer to the new one and that worked! But, actually, I am not totally satisfied because I still don't know why it didn't synchronised, and I am not 100% sure that everything will be OK in the future with that installation. Patrick
  13. Thanks but nope: the error icon is on the Sync button. If I click on it, it just restart the sync process that last a while (about 15 minutes) and then stop at the same step, with the error icon again...
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