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  1. Evernote is not sitting on their hands. They expend a lot of effort in their cross-product integrations. It's actually very impressive. The problem is, useful little features like this one fall through the cracks.
  2. It's not a bug. It's not a feature that is behaving wrong. It is a feature that is missing. That makes it an enhancement request. Albeit, it's a feature that seems to me could be implemented in a coupla hours. By an intern. It could be a good first project for someone joining the team. And then the phrases for translation inserted into their normal translation flow. What makes it so easy is that this is not something that is synced across platforms. It is entirely self-contained within the Android app and its settings. Just like the Windows implementation was self-contained. (Though, the Windows version did have a bug in this feature, for a while. It would cause the focus to constantly jump to the Title field over and over. I haven't checked to see if they have fixed that, yet.)
  3. They have added an option for this to the Windows version. In Settings | Note there's a "Set focus to note title" checkbox. Still not there for Android, that I've found.
  4. +1 I really want this on Android. I've found the regedit workaround on Windows. But, it really should be an option. It's probably one of those 50-50 things. For half the people, the current default is how they think it should work. The other 50% really, really want to type in their own title almost every time.
  5. Another request for a portable version. I have no trouble adding a short note or making small edits on my phone. And the web version works, for sufficiently clunky definitions of "works." But, having a real keyboard, quick response, and Drag&Drop tagging is incredibly convenient. I'd love to put that on the thumbdrive hanging off my key ring. If you really have written yourselves into a corner in your code base, then it sure sounds like the PortableApps.com people have done the work for you. Basically, it sounds like all you have to do is give them permission. I fail to see the down side. Drake Christensen
  6. Slightly off-topic, but for anyone looking to get one field of a CSV file into Evernote, importing the CSV into OpenOffice Calc lets you Copy&Paste a cell into a note. (For some reason it takes 3-5 taps of Ctrl-V for it to "take" in Evernote.) If you're only doing a few dozen then it's not too bad. Better than using the mouse to highlight on a webpage over and over again. Drake Christensen
  7. New Evernote user, transfering from Catch.com I stumbled on a slightly better way to do this. OpenOffice. First, go to the Catch.com site, go in your profile, and export to CSV. Import that CSV into OpenOffice Calc. The content of your notes will be in the cells. Click on a cell with your text and tap Ctrl-C Switch over to Evernote Desktop Click New Note Paste into the note. It will even retain your line breaks and spaces Click back on the cell you just copied Tap Down Arrow to get to the next cell One oddity. For me, it usually takes 3-5 taps of Ctrl-V to get it to "take." Same with using the menu, Edit->Paste. I have no idea why this happens. A little annoying. But better than having to carefully use the mouse to highlight each note using the Web Clipper. I have 288 notes. So, I'm going to spend a few more minutes searching around to see if I can find a tool to automagically split that field of the CSV into its own file. If it would work on the first try I could probably be finished in five minutes. Drake Christensen
  8. Brand new Evernote user. I'm trying to import Catch.com notes. I searched a little and the best suggestion I saw was to open the Catch HTML export and then highlight and clip one-by-one into new Evernote notes. But, when viewing that page, my only choice when clicking on the icon is "Clip URL". When using the context menu, it creates a blank note. Changing to "Clip to website" also only gives me the "Clip URL" choice from the icon or a "New note" (blank) from the context menu. When I try a different page, for example, this forum, the options I expect are available. Obviously, for me, a Catch importer would be the most convenient. It seems to me that a fairly generic CSV importer shouldn't be a huge task, and that technology could be applied to a wide range of situations. In fact, I'd be surprised if most of the scaffolding isn't already in place. Or, is there another import option that I overlooked? FF v14.0.1 Evernote Web Clipper v5.4 beta Win 7 - 64 bit Evernote Desktop v Is there any way you could give a short explanation on why the Clipper's behavior changes based on the page being viewed? That surprised me. Thanks, Drake Christensen
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