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  1. I think it would a useful feature to add an option to remove graphics from simplified article clipping. Given almost every news article these days contains some graphics one way or another, I find myself constantly removing them manually once the article is clipped into Evernote. Better yet, maybe a checkbox next to each graphic in the article for user to decide which one to clip along with the article and which one to leave behind.
  2. Ever since 5.8.5 beta release, ctrl+backspace no longer deletes WHOLE word, instead it works just like normal backspace. I just updated to 5.8.5 general release but the bug is still there. This little universal shortcut has worked wonders and I only noticed how much I value it until it's broken in EN. I've gone back to v5.8.4 for now, EN, please fix this ASAP, it may seem like a small bug but it's one of the most valueable productivity tricks.
  3. To be honest, an ideal solution would be for Evernote to add a simple option in its Android app to NOT show notification. That way I could choose to be notified on phone #1 but not on phone #2. As it stands right now, the only option in settings under reminder is email digest, no even customizable sound option. As for increase sync frequeny on phone #2, that still won't help notification dismissal, I could be looking at my phone #2 5 hours after reminder status changed on phone #1, at that point both phones would have sync'ed mutiple times to EN server but reminder notification would still be present on phone #1.It would be nice for EN on phone #1 to dismiss the notification once it syncs with the server and adjust to the change, like much how Pushover Android app works.
  4. Hello, I have 2 Android phones I use daily, both with Evernote app installed and set to auto sync every 60 minutes, one is used more frequently than the other. The problem I'm having is when an EN reminder is dismissed/completed/changed on Android #1, new reminder status syncs to EN on Android #2 just fine, but the reminder notification, which popped up on both phones at the same time, does not dismiss itself on Android #2 notification panel to reflect changed status, I always need to manually swipe the notiifcation away. Is there a plan to properly implement cross-platform, cross-device sync function?
  5. Attached PDF files in notes are now automatically expanded to show contents, can we please have the option to show attachment icon only? I've quite a number of PDFs attached to a single note and having to scroll through all these expanded pages is very tedious.
  6. that's not the solution to my problem. I have some short notes in EN I would like to send to a reminder app which pops up every now and then so I can see what I need to do. link is not an option as I said earlier it creates un-necessary security risks.
  7. When sharing a note in EN Android app, all it does is creating a shared note link. Is there a way to just send the actual contents of a note to other apps directly? I don't want to create link and have to remember to disable the url later on.
  8. This is new font is horrible, can we pls have the option to use the old font in the next release?
  9. Are you guys trying to copy Google Keep? The new title font (also used throughout the new UI) is horrible, it doesn't proportionate the look of the app at all and is at odds with the sans serif fonts used in the noteself. Icons changes are also for the worse, the whole cute sketch icons are not as clean as the plain old ones and make the app look cartoonish. I'm a premium user and I really like the old look, please considering give user option to change back to the old UI and fonts. J.
  10. Installed 4.3 release on Android, found this annoying bug: In note view, whenever top/botton menu bars hide themselves when the screen is touched, the top menu bar (green with evernote logo) leaves a persistant horizontal line. Please look into it.
  11. Two requests: Separate search syntax for subject & body (subject:x | body:x) recognize hash in serach - #tag and tag should NOT yield same results.
  12. Same here, on east coast my history is off by 4 hours, time stamps show backup sever located on west coast US. Please get history to sync with user's local timezone.
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