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  1. I have a similar issue that a tag might identify the number of notes using it, but when selected, it says 'no notes found' so for some reason, the tag is recognized but the notes can't be shown. Is there a way to have all the tags update? [Added: Maybe it has something to do with the string at the top left (between Account button and Account/Shared tabs. It identifies a specific note book, and if that has the wrong notebook selected and it doesn't have that tag, it will show none...]
  2. Well, it's local and not in the cloud, but if I 'Export Notes to Archive...", edit the .enex, and then "Import Notes from Archive... that should work
  3. I suppose I could grep the <created></created> entries in the xml file. It wouldn't be elegant, but it could get the job done.
  4. I could use it because I create a bunch of notes from work journals that span a couple of months, a particular batch of cards are related to a specific sprint at a certain time. If I could grab all the notes and assign it to a date, then It would be easy to see how items with the same tag changed in time.
  5. When I need to reformat, I copy/past into Office, and then copy/paste it back. [Add: Also, if you needed to do some regular formatting for a report, you could export the notes to an .enex file (which is just xml), and you could add css styles and view in a browser)
  6. Just one thought, about what is called 'haystack security' which is to say people think that their data is safe because its a needle in a haystack. That method should NOT be used. Apart of ID Fraud criminals. Government institutions regularly access this kind of data, using data analysis tools made for agents and analysts. They use it to spot trends for informing future and past actions. Some of these, are pretty impressive (having seen it in person) they have AI systems that can learn behaviors.
  7. Does anyone know if it's possible to change the created date of a batch of notes at the same time? (Rather than changing it one note at a time)
  8. Ah, so I can copy individual notes into a notebook based on a theme, and merge that. Got it thanks
  9. One huge db feature I'm still looking for is the ability to create docs comprised of notes based on a specific tags. Merge is kind of a one-off thing, you can only do once, and you've lost all entries as individuals.
  10. Is there a way to merge notes into a separate note? (so that merged notes remain separate for later merging under a different tag
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